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ECHS lottery rewards students and teachers alike
Effingham County High School principal Yancy Ford with Jacob Lanier. - photo by Photo submitted

Effingham County High School has provided the opportunity for students and teachers to receive a prize via a ticket lottery.

The lottery started last semester, fall 2007, and will have its next drawing at the end of the spring semester. The lottery serves as an incentive for students to attend school and excel in their classes.

Students can earn multiple tickets by fulfilling certain criteria. For example, a few of the ways students can earn tickets is by coming to school 10 days in a row, make a grade of 90 or above on a report card, or by earning a special mention from a faculty member.

At the end of each semester, all the tickets earned by students are mixed together and drawn randomly. Students are encouraged to earn as many tickets as possible during the semester so that their odds of winning a prize increase.
Jacob Lanier was the most recent winner of the main prize for students, a 60-inch flat panels screen TV.

Students are not the only ones that benefit from the lottery. Faculty and staff have a separate lottery that operates in the same manner. Faculty and staff are rewarded for their involvement in school activities, school sponsored functions, and by being helpful to other faculty and staff.

Mrs. Brooke Whitlock was the most recent winner of the lottery for faculty and staff. The main prize for faculty and staff was a 60-inch flat panel screen TV.