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Fashion statement
SEHS students to blend art, fashion in breast cancer research fundraiser
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Students at South Effingham High School will be hosting a fashion show featuring student designs on Saturday at 7 p.m.

The show has been put together by students with the assistance of new art teacher Mary Anderegg. The students are creating the designs and decorations. They are also responsible for hair, makeup and modeling.

Emily Mobley, a student participant, said this is the second time the event has occurred, but the last fashion show was two years ago.

Anderegg said the late Cathy Leaf, an SEHS teacher with the National Art Honor Society, started the show.

“Part of that is to engage the whole school,” Anderegg said. “(Students) don’t have to be a member of the national art honor society, or an art student to participate.”

Anderegg said it is completely student run with the few exceptions that require her to handle them like placing orders.

She said there have been sewing workshops for the students to show the students some techniques.

“It’s all just set up so that we can get the kids some help with what they’re doing on their own,” Anderegg said.

She said other workshops for the students include hair and makeup and modeling to help the students prepare for the event.

“It’s exciting because you get to add this fashion design element to your curriculum,” Anderegg said.

Mobley said she encourages the other participants to “stick with it” while preparing for the show.

Student Michaela Laricy said the experience has been “cool” so far.

“I wasn’t here the last time they did it — I was in seventh grade at the middle school — but toward the end of it I got to help with it some, and that was really cool,” she said.

William Hatcher said the last show is what made him interested in participating.

“That’s when I started thinking of it as the whole art scene,” he said. “I had a more traditional idea of what art is, painting, drawing, that was it. And when I started thinking of it as a career, that’s what really got me into it.”

Stylists from B Street Salon came to show the students hair and makeup techniques they will use the day of the show for their models.

Techniques included how to build a foundation with hair to get the shape wanted and how to apply make up for someone who will be on stage.

Anderegg said there are four categories the student designers

can enter, and they are required to have two entries.

“The categories are fabric up, which is total fabric and traditional,” Anderegg said. “And a multimedia — it can be anything except fabric.”

Anderegg said there is also a fashion era category that students use a cultural time period to base their designs from, such as ancient Egyptian, the 1920s or the Victorian era.

The fourth category is fashion icon. In that category, students will use the inspiration of one person to base a design.

“Many of the designers are doing all four,” Anderegg said, adding some are entering two.

Anderegg said the goal is to have the entire community evolved.

“The kids that get the most out of it are the kids involved,” Anderegg said. “It doesn’t have to be one of those school events that students and parents and grandparents come to. It’s really going to be a great event. It should be a wonderful and enjoyable evening.”

Tickets for the event are $6 and will be sold at the door. The proceeds will be donated to Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in memory of Leaf.