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Georgia Southern University announces spring presidents list
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STATESBORO — Georgia Southern University recently recognized 1,162 students for excellence in academics on the 2014 spring semester president’s list.

To be eligible for the president’s list, a student must have at least a 4.0 grade point average and carry a minimum of 12 hours for the semester.

The following local students made the president’s list:

Zachary Lee of Newington

Whitney Smith of Bloomingdale

Carrie Briscoe of Bloomingdale

Michaela Lariscy of Guyton

Courtney Oglesby of Guyton

James Baeza of Guyton

John Baeza of Guyton

Lauren Lashlee of Guyton

Olivia Bolton of Guyton

Emily Paul of Guyton

Wade Hodges of Guyton

Teresa Jackson of Guyton

Misty Patterson of Rincon

Joshua Roper of Rincon

Lena Altman of Rincon

Ansley Simpson of Rincon

Katie Kussow of Rincon

Alexus Smart of Rincon

Garrison Huggins of Rincon

McKenna Thompson of Rincon

Amanda Kerner of Rincon

Joseph Thompson of Rincon

Emerald Simons of Rincon

Glenn Jackson Jrof Rincon

Charlene Grosse of Rincon

Amber Tinney of Rincon

Jacob Pevey of Springfield

Julia Tillery of Springfield

Hayley Hall of Springfield

Kelsey Woodward of Springfield