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Local students make Georgia Southern spring deans list
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STATESBORO—Georgia Southern University recently named 2,611 students for excellence in academics to the spring semester dean’s list. To be eligible for the dean’s list, a student must have at least a 3.5 grade point average and carry a minimum of 12 hours for the semester.
Local students on the list include

Caroline Alford of Rincon
William Autry of Bloomingdale
Victoria Baggett of Springfield
Nina Becton of Guyton
Brooke Boyette of Guyton
Carrie Briscoe of Bloomingdale
Cody Brown of Guyton
Eileen Burns of Guyton
Timothy Burnsed of Rincon
Jill Clark of Bloomingdale
Kiersten Close of Rincon
Erin Crosby of Guyton
Austin Czachowski of Rincon
Kristen Daniel of Rincon
Taylor Downs of Rincon
Dillon Duff of Springfield
Payton Duke of Springfield
Stephen Ellis of Guyton
Alyssa Folker of Guyton
Ashley Harley of Rincon
Spencer Harvey of Guyton
Brianna Hendley of Guyton
Austin Hensley of Guyton
Adam Herring of Guyton
Mandy Heyward of Rincon
Kayla Hodges of Rincon
Elizabeth Huggins of Rincon
Jordan Jackson of Guyton
Abigail Johnson of Rincon
Eugene Jones of Guyton
James Kerby of Bloomingdale
Melanie Kesler of Rincon
Anna Kessler of Springfield
Ariel Klauss of Guyton
Lauren Lashlee of Guyton
Daniel Lee of Newington
Keith Liverman of Rincon
Ronald McDaniel of Guyton
Heather McNamee of Guyton
Savannah Mikeal of Guyton
Sarah Mikell of Rincon
Robert Miller of Newington
Alexander Morris of Guyton
Evelyn Morris of Rincon
Jesse Mosely of Guyton
Michael Nations of Rincon
Kandice Nelson of Guyton
Julie Oetgen of Bloomingdale
Courtney Oglesby of Guyton
Misty Patterson of Rincon
Charles Patterson of Rincon
Emily Paul of Guyton
Jacob Pevey of Springfield
Michelle Pratt of Rincon
William Randle of Rincon
Katherine Rud of Bloomingdale
Mattie Saxon of Rincon
Kimberly Sheehan of Rincon
Courtney Sheffield of Guyton
Joanne Sincavage of Rincon
Chasteen Slater of Meldrim
Steve Soto of Guyton
Nicholas Steese of Springfield
Savannah Steigler of Springfield
Joshua Story of Rincon
Joshua Summitt of Rincon
Andrew Thompson of Rincon
Alexander Tovar of Rincon
Cara Usher of Clyo
Brian Waters of Guyton
Carlie-Ayn Williams of Guyton
Rachel Williams of Rincon
Ira Wood of Guyton
Emily Woods of Clyo
Ashley Woodward of Springfield
Morgan Zipperer of Springfield

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