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South Effingham High School NJROTC at Orange Park Drill Meet
UnArmed Exhibition
Unarmed Exhibition Drill Team - photo by Photo submitted

Early on Dec. 1, the South Effingham High School NJROTC made the journey to Orange Park (Fla.) High School for a NJROTC Sanction Drill competition.

Arriving around 7:30 a.m. with 40 cadets in high hopes of qualifying for Area 12 championships, 15 cadets immediately picked up their pencils for a 50 question 30 minute academic test. The next event was a uniform inspection, led by Cadet Lt. Cmdr. Steven Russell, in which all 40 cadets participated.

Following the uniform inspection, the basic drill team, consisting of 14 cadets led by Cadet Ensign Rebecca Counts, competed in an armed and unarmed basic drill routine. Next, the exhibition drill team, consisting of 13 cadets led by Cadet Ensign Devan Goforth, performed an armed and unarmed routine.

Meanwhile a four cadet color guard, led by Cadet Ensign Alex Perryman, was also competing. After the drill teams and color guard performed their routines, 16 cadets went to participate in a sit-ups and push-ups competition. Of the 16 cadets who participated, eight were males and eight were females.

Shortly after the push-ups and sit-ups, it was time for the 100-yard relay. Sixteen cadets consisting of eight male and eight female competed. Immediately following the 16x100, eight cadets, four males and four females, participated in an 8x220 run.

The accomplishments of the South Effingham NJROTC are as follows: third place in academics; third place in the uniform inspection; third place in unarmed basic drill team; fourth place unarmed exhibition drill team; third place armed exhibition drill team; first place sit-ups; second place push-ups; third place in the 8x220 run; and first place in the 16x100 run.

Individual awards were also given to James Braswell for fourth place sit-ups; Justin Lawson for fifth place sit-ups and first place push-ups; Steven Russell for third place push-ups; and Adam Pittman for fourth place push-ups.

Finally a third place overall that qualified them for the Area 12 Drill Meet in Brunswick on Dec. 15.

Written by Cadets Justin Gay,  Ashley Burnsed and Ashley Taylor