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Give a flu shot for Valentines Day
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ATLANTA–This Valentine’s Day, instead of giving candy hearts and chocolates, show loved ones that you care by encouraging them to get a flu shot. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Georgia Department of Community Health issued this year for the first time, a universal recommendation for everyone six months of age and older to receive an influenza vaccination.

According to the CDC and DCH’s Weekly Influenza Surveillance, Georgia has had higher than average activity through the month of January.

“Getting a flu shot is the single best way to assure a healthy and flu free Valentine’s Day for you and your loved ones,” said Interim State Immunization Director Dr. Anil Mangla. “I received my flu shot this year and want to encourage all Georgians to do the same so that they can be protected against the flu.”

In the United States, influenza and its related complications are responsible for more than 200,000 hospitalizations each year, and with the CDC reporting that influenza levels will peak in February and March and possibly continue well into May, there has never been a better time to remind friends and loved ones to get vaccinated.

Taking simple steps such as getting a flu shot and remembering to wash your hands can go a long way in preventing yourself and others from getting the flu.  So this Valentine’s Day, don’t take any chances; give the gift of health and take someone you love to get vaccinated today.

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