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11 of the craziest ways to send a love letter
Turns out you can mail some weird stuff. Why not turn that into a bizarre but cute love letter? - photo by Emily Cummings
Love letters are timeless. I mean, theres a reason tiny scribbled notes of endearment are kept in boxes for years and years and usually make an appearance in any decent romance movie. However, sending a love letter in an envelope these days is a little predictable. Why not send your darling something a bit more unusual for some originality? See if any one of these 11 ideas tickles your fancy:

When life gives you lemons Send them in the mail. Seriously. Write out the address on the peel and stamp appropriately. Its a cute way to send a reminder to your loved one to keep their head up in any situation. Fiesta time! Who wouldnt want to receive a sombrero instead of a letter? Deliver your darling a love note that also doubles as awesome party attire. Let the good times roll To drop a hint about that cherry pie youve been craving, send your forever valentine a rolling pin in the mail. But Id stay away from the marble versions, unless youre looking to spend your pie money on postage. Ultimate love letter Perfect for any ultimate frisbee fan, a love letter sent via frisbee is sure to please (or at least hint at a date in the park). I love you like potatoes That sentiment sure means a lot. From french fries to mashed, potatoes truly are a well-loved food. Show your better half how much you really care by sending an actual potato in the mail. Theyll love it -- though I dont recommend it be eaten later. Postman snuggles There are businesses you can use to send a pillow through the mail, or you can just DIY. Write out a postcard-like message and your loves address on one side and send it on its way. This idea is extra cute for those long distance relationships. Caution: cuteness ahead Though its been done at least once before, sending a bright orange caution cone may depend on your post offices sense of humor. Youll also pay a pretty penny in postage, which makes the knit variety a cute option. Im owl by myself Ideal for any pun-loving babe, sending a plastic animal in the mail is the ideal way to tickle their funny bone. Send an owl for the pun above, or send a plastic whale for a whale hello there! message. Movie night? Go old school and send a VHS tape (remember those?) in the mail to your beloved. Use a favorite movie from the good ol days, or send a home video thats been hiding in the attic. Youre number one Cheesy sports fans, rejoice; You can send a foam finger in the mail to show your honey how you really feel. Write out a message if you please, and send it on its way. Beach day A postcard from the beach is nice, but sending a flip-flop is much quirkier. Try sending a surprise invitation to date night via flip-flop instead of a simple text message. I can promise itll surprise your darling. Of course, dont underestimate the power of a traditional stamp-and-envelope love letter. But from time to time, some of these ideas will keep things creatively interesting.