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51 compliments your wife wants to hear right now
Because she's the best wife ever. - photo by Tamsyn Valentine
You love your wife, and you want her to know it every day. But sometimes it seems you just cant get the right words out.

Here are 51 compliments you can give to your wife right now, which we promise will melt her heart and let her know you are the best husband in the world:

1. You are my favorite.

2. You are prettier than all the other moms.

3. Your food is better than my moms.

4. I wouldnt change anything about you.

5. Im so glad I chose you.

6. If I could remarry again, I would marry you.

7. Youre the prettiest girl Ive ever been with.

8. You still make my heart flutter.

9. You just make me so happy.

10. Youre the best wife ever.

11. I love how hard you work.

12. You make me want to be better.

13. I love how motivated you are.

14. You make it hard to be at work.

15. Id rather spend my time with you than anyone else.

16. You look gorgeous today.

17. You make sweatpants look sexy.

18. Thanks for being you.

19. Youre my living dream.

20. I love waking up next to you.

21. I really depend on your opinion.

22. I knew I wanted you to be the mother of my children.

23. All my friends/family love you.

24. Thank you for not being boring.

26. I cant wait to be old and wrinkly with you.

27. Life is always better with you.

28. Youre my best friend.

29. You understand me more than anyone else.

31. Even when were eating pasta together, Im still mesmerized.

32. Pregnancy never looked so good.

34. I love your weirdness.

35. I dont care where we go, as long as Im with you.

36. Your kisses make my head spin.

37. You smell like heaven.

38. You help me be a better me.

39. I love the way you make my pillow smell.

41. There is something about you that is just irresistible.

42. Youre not the girl of my dreams. Youre much better.

43. I love us.

44. I love your messy hair.

45. I like you even more with curves.

48. The way you hold me helps me know that everything is going to be okay.

49. I love how you finished the whole pizza by yourself.

50. I love how you look when youre mad.

51. You can really pack it in. Thats really hot.