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Disney's 'Frozen' bridges generation gap for NCAA football star and little sister
Ryan Switzer enjoys quality time with his biggest fan. - photo by Screenshot from Instagram

All-American college football player Ryan Switzer is a big fan of the movie “Frozen.”

Football and “Frozen.” Those two things may not seem to match up but for Switzer, who plays for the University of North Carolina, there is one thing, or a 2-year-old little girl rather, that connects them.

“It is not because of the movie itself,” explained “It is because now he can share something with his sister that belongs to her, and not him. Mykah loves football because of Ryan; Ryan loves 'Frozen' because of Mykah.”

It is not uncommon for Switzer, a devout Christian, to post religious and family-oriented thoughts on Twitter. It was a bit surprising though when he recently wrote, “I think tonight’s a perfect night to watch Frozen again,” followed by the days-long but internationally understood hashtag #whowantstobuildasnowman.

There is video proof that Ryan is not all talk as was able to catch Switzer singing “Love Is An Open Door” with Mykah.
Although Ryan is 17 years older, has a busy football schedule, and he lives five hours away from Mykah, he has still managed to maintain a strong bond. Photos of him and Mykah frequent his instagram profilewith captions like, “Look who came to see me at the hotel … my angel” and, “Happy Easter from me and my girl! She almost loves her Easter basket more than her big brudder. Matthew 28:6 #HeIsRisen.”

Standing at just 5-foot-10, commentators jest that he's “the best thing to happen to white kids’ sports dreams since Jimmer.”

Still, Switzer seems to understand that the best things in life often have nothing to do with fame or popularity but rather memories made with the people we love — even if that requires watching a lot of “Frozen.”