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Have You Seen This? New best way to carve a turkey
Modern technology sure makes a lot of things easier, including carving a turkey. Sort of. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE TABLE Its Thanksgiving week, yall, and soon we will all be filling our bellies with every delicious traditional food imaginable.

Traditions are a good thing. They bind us to the past and give us legacies to hand down through the generations. However, with modern technology, some traditions are getting a little upgrade.

Forget the comprehensive guides to carving a turkey from experts like Martha Stewart, Ina Garten or Alton Brown. Their gobbling on the subject is now passe. Its time to break tradition with this new way to carve a turkey.

This video will take you through the steps you need to carve a turkey with the precision of a waterjet. As you will see, the process is simple (and highly satirical) but that doesnt stop these fine fellows from sincerely taking us through all the steps. As a bonus, they also show you how to carve pumpkin pie and open a can of cranberry sauce to make your meal complete.

In truth, the process is a pretty funny and a little gross, kind of like life in general.

The minds behind the YouTube channel Waterjet Channel have more videos of cutting things with waterjets, including a camera, a bowling ball, and a jack-o-lantern. So far, all the videos are delightfully droll. If you like the now massively popular Hydraulic Press Channel, youll probably like these guys too.