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Have You Seen This? Personal trainer for hire
Chuck M is a non-certified personal trainer at 24-Hour Fitness. - photo by Martha Ostergar
TOUGH TOWN Its that time of year again. The time where news articles, blogs and social media start asking you if youve already slacked on your New Year's fitness resolutions.

If you indeed have lost enthusiasm for fitness, we here at Have You Seen This? are here to help by presenting to you the video resume of personal trainer Chuck M for all your fitness needs.

Dont let Chuck Ms grizzly beard, physique or heavy metal soundtrack turn you off because Chuck M solidly demonstrates that he can get you fit by teaching you skills such as strength training, lightning kicks, leg sweeps and yoga.

If you watch the one-minute video, youll see the proof is in the pudding. Chuck M displays his sweet, sweet skills and killer moves with the energy and enthusiasm one would wish for in a personal trainer. But if that doesnt quite convince you, check out his 24-Hour Fitness credentials*, that includes achievements such as yelling at pigeons and outrunning police. He also owns throwing stars.

Who wants to split a group session with me?

*Have You Seen This? has not verified that this is an actual 24-Hour Fitness flyer, and instead believe it was cleverly made and placed in public by Jeff Wysaski, an artist and light prankster. You can see more of Wysaskis work here. I personally recommend Dad Land.