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Have You Seen This? Real-life fruit ninja with a drone
This drone fruit ninja probably isn't the quickest way to chop fruit, but it is definitely the coolest way. Maybe try it out next time you need a fruit platter for a party. - photo by Mary Dalrymple
FRUITVILLE Real talk: how many hours do you think you've spent (or wasted) playing Fruit Ninja?

The game isn't complicated, but it is addicting. And for some reason, virtually slicing fruit out of the air is completely satisfying. So what if you could play it in real life?

We've already seen one Utahn demonstrate what happens when you attempt to become a fruit ninja yourself, but what if you left the dirty work up to your handy drone? Drones are already doing pretty much everything else for us, so why not?

This video from the YouTube channel We Talk UAV shows what happens when you turn your drone into a fruit ninja, and it's pretty awesome. At one point in the video, the drone basically makes a perfectly chopped salad, so this might be my new favorite way of cutting fruits and vegetables.

Watch the video and maybe consider trying this method next time you need a fruit platter for a party. We can't guarantee it will go well, but you'll probably have fun in the process. Just make sure to keep a safe distance from the drone ninja those blades look sharp.