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Lego announces new Christopher Nolan inspired Batmobile
The Tumbler - photo by YouTube Capture

Comicbook fans, unite! Lego recently announced the release date of a Christopher Nolan-style Batman mobile.

Inspired by the Batman “The Dark Knight” trilogy, the Tumbler measures at 5 inches tall, 15 inches long and 9 inches wide, according to the Lego website. The vehicle features a detailed interior, adjustable top wings and an all-new wheel style that portrays the original Tumbler wheels from the movie.

The design of the Tumbler took Lego designers over four months due to the intricate detail, according to a YouTube video released by Lego on July 21. The set will include a Christian Bale-inspired Batman minifigure and a Heath Ledger “Joker” minifigure.
The Tumbler will be released by Lego on Sept. 1.