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Truck full of chocolate flips on highway, becomes cleanup nightmare that is worse than snow
A truck full of iiquid chocolate spilled across a major highway in Poland on Wednesday, the Associated Press reported. - photo by Herb Scribner
A truck full of liquid chocolate spilled across a major highway in Poland Wednesday, causing a hectic cleanup nightmare for highway officials, the Associated Press reported.

A tractor-trailer moving chocolate across Poland flipped over near the town of Slupca, causing the chocolate to spill out on the highway. The liquid milk chocolate hardened and blocked traffic, creating a nightmare for clean-up crews, according to USA Today.

The chocolate filled six lanes across the A2 highway, which stretches between Poznan and Warsaw in Poland (about 185 miles).

As USA Today reported, the driver sustained a broken arm in the crash. No one else was hurt. Officials remain unsure what caused the crash.

Videos and photos of the incident made their way to social media.