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Springfield Elementary students stack cups in Guinness World Record attempt
cup stack1

Big cups, little cups and everything in between were stacked quickly to the sounds of music and cheering kids Thursday as all grade levels at Springfield Elementary School attempted to join thousands of other kids across the globe in being part of a Guinness World Record in sport stacking.

Sport stacking is a growing phenomena that can be done as an individual sport or team sport that involves stacking plastic cups in specific sequences in as little time as possible.

Jean Hunt, P.E. teacher at SES, explained that the kids have been preparing for the Guinness World Record attempt for a while.

“The kids have been practicing for weeks,” Hunt said. “We did this last year and this year we did it again to be a part of the new record.”

Last year, SES was a part of the Guinness World Record Day, which included 618,394 stackers who stacked for at least 30 minutes.

Hunt had each grade level come in individually throughout the day. Each class (five for each grade level) was assigned a specific section of the gym to stack cups in - after a few minutes, the classes rotated.

While music blared on the loudspeaker, each student took their place in the line and raced to the table of cups - or to the big cups  and center-floor cups - to stack. One by one, the line gradually moved and the students raced to the back of their line to await their turn again.

Cups were stacked in different sequences: 3-3-3 (three sets of three cups), 3-6-3 (six stack replaces a stack of three), and three big bucket-sized cups.

JD Fulcher, a fifth-grade student from SES who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in June, was able to take part in the sport stacking record attempt from his home. JD’s fellow students wanted him to be a part of the Guinness World Record and sent cups to his house for him to stack.

As of print, the total number of stackers for the record attempt was not known.