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EHS marks Colorectal Health Awareness Month
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From left to right are Betsy Smith, Dr. Alan Lord, Kathy Sydow and Felicia Kennicott as Effingham Health System observed Colorectal Health Awareness Month. - photo by Photo provided

Dr. Alan Lord recently presented information on the importance of colon cancer screenings in recognition of Colorectal Health Awareness Month. Dr. Lord addressed a group of clinical and non-clinical employees at Effingham Health System’s hospital campus.

“Colon cancer is preventable, treatable and beatable,” Dr. Lord said. “Early-stage detection has a 90 percent cure rate, but there aren’t any symptoms early on. You have to get the recommended screenings.”

Lord said statistics show that screenings work. While screenings have gone up over the past decade, deaths from colon cancer have gone down.

“We recommend a screening colonoscopy for anyone over 50 years of age, regardless of family history,” he said. “Eighty-five percent of colon cancers occur with no family history of the disease. If you have a family history, you may need to start screenings earlier.”

Dr. Lord is a well-known colorectal surgeon from Savannah who sees patients at Effingham Health System’s Physician Center in Springfield. He added it’s important for people to get beyond the things that keep them from taking action.

“Nobody ever died from being embarrassed,” he said, “but failure to get this important screening could cost you your life.”   
Norma Jean Morgan, CEO of Effingham Health System, wants the community to know that these life-saving screenings are available here.

“Colon cancer is the second-deadliest form next to lung cancer, but it’s also one of the most preventable cancers,” she said. “I’ve had my screening. Have you had yours?”