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Bring Back the 4th campaign returns
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The campaign for Springfield’s fireworks show is back.

Liberty Mutual is bringing back its “Bring Back the 4th” online contest, with winning communities getting grants to help stage Independence Day events such as parades and fireworks shows.

Participants will take a short quiz on American history and to help with Springfield’s fireworks show, they’re being asked to put Springfield’s zip code —31329 — as their own.

“It doesn’t matter how many you get right,” said City Manager Brett Bennett.

The city has gotten pledges of support from Effingham County commissioners and from EFACEC. Commissioners, in a 4-2 vote, agreed to provide $4,000 to the annual fireworks show. The cost of the show, staged by Effingham County-based Falcon Fireworks, is about $20,000.

Liberty Mutual will award 10 grants again this year, divided by small, medium and large communities. Four grants will go to small communities, and there will be three grants each for medium and large communities. Springfield was one of four small communities to receive a grant last year.

Each completed quiz counts as one credit toward a town’s candidacy. The contest will run through June 14.

“I hope we have as much luck as we did last year,” Bennett said.