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Changes in DFCS applications
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Beginning this month, if you bring in your paperwork listed below and you file your application on Tuesday or Thursday, you may have same day approval of your case (does not include ABD Medicaid or childcare).

Needed paperwork to get your case approved for the same day you apply:

• Photo ID (of everyone age appropriate to have one)

• Proof of citizenship (for everyone you are applying for; examples include birth certificate and passports)

• Bank statements (for all accounts, has to be within the last 30 days)

• Wage verification (if paid weekly, bring in the last four consecutive pay stubs; if paid every two weeks or once a month, bring in the last two pay stubs)

• Child support verification (unless paid through Child Support Recovery—but good to have if available. If child support paid directly to you by the absent parent, get a statement written from the absent parent the amount paid to you, for whom it is paid, signed by the absent parent with their phone number and address listed and it must list the last four weeks of payment.)

• Social Security/SSA-SSI (bring your most recent award letters from Social Security or a copy of your checking account verifying the monthly amount that is directly deposited into your account.)

• Contributed money (if anyone gives you money for your use or pays your bills, they will need to do a written statement stating the amount of money they give you, who they give it to, and have them sign and date it and include their phone number and address for verification) This is a must.

• Verification of rent (within the last year acceptable, or a statement from your landlord with their name, signature, phone number and address with the amount of rent due)

• Mortgage verification (provide a current statement of monthly amount or coupon book with the mortgage company listed and amount due)

• Mobile home owners (most recent tax bill and ad valorem tax bill)

• Insurance premiums (from your insurance company giving the yearly amount)

• Retirement/401k (need verification from the source of this income verifying if you can/ cannot withdraw from that fund, and if you can, what is the penalty)

• VA/military (verification of monthly amount and the institution you received it from)

• Social security number (have the numbers, cards if available, on all household members)

• Birthdates (have these available on all household members)

Important note: policy states your statement cannot be accepted for verification on any source named above. It must be written from the source with the source’s name, address, telephone number and amounts if applicable.