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Citizens group to offer tax return help
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We, the Tax Payers is offering a public meeting offering help to Effingham County property tax payers. Help will be provided free to any property owner that wishes help with preparing for a hearing before the Equalization Board and/or wants help in filing the annual return of property for tax purposes.

The meeting will be held Feb. 23 at 7 p.m. at the Effingham County administrative complex in Springfield.

“While we are not professionals, we have several members who have extensive experience in these areas,” said Ruth Lee of We, the Taxpayers, “and we will provide help in completing the form and help in identifying what a tax payer needs to take to their hearing before the board.  Property tax issues, except the tax one has to pay, are confusing to a lot of folks. Terminology such as fair market value, assessed value, etc., are not everyday conversation until you are caught up in a big tax increase. If nothing else, folks just like to be able to talk to friends and neighbors about their common problems with taxes.

“We can’t solve all the problems but we can help with completing the form for property tax returns and we can give folks some pointers on what they need to take to the Equalization Board and the questions they need to ask. So we are trying to help.”