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Code enforcement officers set to move against roadside right-of-way signs
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SPRINGFIELD  -- Effingham County Code Enforcement Officers are set to perform a routine sweep to remove any advertising signs currently placed in the county’s roadside right-of-way areas beginning Monday. Signs placed in the right-of-way are a code violation, impede roadside mowing, can hinder sight distance, and are essentially roadside litter.


County officials ask that sign posters follow the county sign ordinance, which states that, “No signs, except traffic signs and signals and informational signs erected by a public agency, are permitted within any street or highway right-of-way.” County Code Enforcement Officers will be removing any signs that are in violation, a task they do usually on a yearly basis.


The typical right-of-way extends approximately 25 to 30 feet in each direction from the center of the pavement. A good rule of thumb is to place signs only on your own property, about 10 feet behind the ditch. If there’s not a ditch, put the signs about 15-20 feet beyond the edge of pavement. Do not place signs at any location without the property owner’s permission.


If you need more information, or for sign retrieval, call Effingham County Code Enforcement at 912-754-8000, extension 4504, or email Officer Greg Hood,