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Deputies recover stray bullet that wounded Effingham man
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Effingham County Sheriff’s investigators have in their hands a bullet that was removed Monday from the leg of a man who was wounded by the stray round on New Year’s Eve.

William Haymans of Sand Hill Road was asleep in his bed just before midnight on New Year’s Eve when a bullet plunged through the roof of his room. The bullet went into Haymans’ right leg.

Haymans indicated to deputies he was asleep in his bed when a bullet came through his ceiling and struck him in the leg.

His injuries were not life threatening, but he did require medical treatment for his wound.

Effingham Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie advises that firing guns into the air is a serious safety hazard, one that can result in serious injuries, property damage and death.

“Guns are not toys, and they are not a substitute for fireworks,” the sheriff said. “They should never be fired indiscriminately. What goes up, must come down, and if it’s a bullet, it could kill.”

Deputies are still investigating the incident and have not made an arrest. They believe the round came from a rifle that was fired in celebration of New Year’s Eve.