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Effingham County Sheriff's Office reports
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July 2
Burglary-second degree
A Clyo man told deputies a handgun had been taken from his vehicle. He had eaten breakfast at a place in Clyo and stayed there for two hours and then stayed home for most of the day until around 6 p.m. before making stops at several Springfield businesses. He told deputies another man he knows was also at the store and always hangs around his vehicle while it is in the parking lot. ECSO investigators were apprised of the situation.

July 3
Simple battery
Deputies were called to a domestic dispute that turned into a physical altercation. The complainant said the offender had come home drunk after being gone for “a long time” and began to argue with her. She said he always is aggressive when he “comes home drunk.” She said he “popped her upside the head” and she “popped him back.” She had five children in her vehicle at the time of the dispute. Three of them said they did not see the altercation but heard “all of the yelling and screaming” and saw the two “shoving each other.” The juveniles also said the offender “is always acting like that.” When deputies found the offender, he was asleep and had the odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from him. He said “she isn’t supposed to be here” when asked what happened and said “she was evicted” several times when asked about the incident. He said they argued and he was hit but he would not elaborate further. He said he didn’t understand what was happening and why the complainant was not being arrested, and he also said he would complain about the response time of deputies making contact with him. Both parties were advised to speak with the courts about proper procedures and temporary protective orders.

July 3
DUI-driving under the influence of multiple substances
Speeding in excess of maximum limits
Reckless driving
Possession of open alcohol container
A deputy was running radar along Interstate 16 when a vehicle headed eastbound at a high rate of speed passed his location. Radar showed the car going 104 mph. As he got behind the car and turned on his lights, the car veered into the right lane in front of another vehicle and then went onto the Old River Road exit ramp. When the car finally pulled over, the driver told the deputy she was trying to get home to her husband and children and that her speedometer gauge was off. The deputy noticed her arms appeared to be wet and there was a strong smell of perfume coming from the vehicle. It appeared she was in the middle of putting lotion on her arms and hands as the deputy approached the car.

After she was asked to get out of the car, she appeared unsteady on her feet and nearly fell. She told the deputy she actually was going to a friend’s house and was having a rough time with a divorce. She said she already had called the friend to come to where she was pulled over. Once away from the perfume, an odor of alcohol could be detected and she admitted to having one or two drinks at lunch.

She told the deputy she had been prescribed Xanax and Clonazepam and had taken her medication before meeting her friends. She said she had one beer at lunch even though she already had said she had a few mixed drinks.

The driver failed a number of field sobriety tests. A search of her car revealed an open 24-ounce container of alcohol, and there were several prescription medications and a 24-ounce can of beer in her pocket book.

Her friends arrived on the scene to take her car but a check of the licenses also revealed one of them was wanted by Savannah-Chatham Metro Police for failure to appear on a shoplifting charge.