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Effingham County Sheriff's Office reports
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April 4
Criminal trespass
Deputies responded to a call in Shadowbrook subdivision about juveniles knocking on doors and fleeing before homeowners could answer. As deputies were en route, a 911 call from the same area described a heavy-set male on an all-terrain vehicle carrying a rifle, allegedly pointing the weapon at houses.

As deputies arrived, they met several people who told them a bald man on an ATV was riding around with a weapon. Deputies eventually made contact with the ATV driver, who had a juvenile female passenger. The man pointed at a house and claimed the juveniles who had been knocking on doors were in there.

A deputy told the man he needed to speak with him first about the allegation he was pointing a rifle at people in the subdivision. The man was visibly angry and said he was trying to find the people who knocked on his door and ran. He said he did not see who did it but when he found whom he believed to be the offenders, he confronted them. He said he said he did not have a firearm and aim it at anyone.

Deputies, noticing an odor of alcohol, asked him if he had been drinking. He said he had had a couple of drinks earlier that night. A blood alcohol test came back at .036. Deputies told him it would be unwise to continue to drive the four-wheeler and carry a firearm with any alcohol in his system, and it would behoove him to take himself home.

Later, deputies got in contact with the suspected juvenile and his mother. The juvenile told deputies they were walking down the street when the man on the ATV approached them and detained them at gunpoint, using abusive and vulgar language and telling them they should run before he shoots them in the “butt.” The juvenile ran home and told his mother of the confrontation.

April 5
Theft by taking
A Guyton area man called the ECSO about a theft. He had allowed the alleged suspect to live in a detached apartment on his property, with an agreement he would pay the rent and the power bill. Someone called the land owner’s granddaughter and said the suspect had posted items for sale on Facebook and thought she should tell her grandfather, the land owner. They checked the shed where the grandfather kept his tools and they were missing. The tenant also appeared to have packed his belongings to prepare to move out of the apartment.

April 6
Littering, loitering
A Rincon area resident told deputies someone was outside his home knocking on windows and honking his horn at 3 a.m. The complainant said he believed it was neighbors down the street with whom he and his family had been having issues. The complainant also said someone drove past his house and threw out two plastic baggies with a rock and a pamphlet. The pamphlet was a white supremacist brochure.

April 6
Theft by taking
A complainant called the sheriff’s office to complain that someone had stolen flowers from his family’s cemetery plot at Rincon Cemetery. He said he did not who know who would want to take the flowers and this was not the first time something has been taken from the grave site.