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Effingham County Sheriff's Office reports
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April 2
Disorderly conduct
The parent of a South Effingham Elementary School student was told she could not re-enter the school without an appointment after she was reported to be disorderly at the school and refused to sign in at the front desk. The woman said she was from another country and was afraid her child might not make it to the classroom after being dropped off. She demanded that her child’s teacher send her an email each day to let her know her child had gotten to class safely because she was afraid of human trafficking. She was told the teacher’s priority was every child, not just hers, and would not send her an email each day.

April 2
Public drunkenness
Deputies responded to a report of a drunk person harassing the person who called to complain. When a deputy arrived, he saw the offender standing in his camper trailer doorway. The deputy talked to the complainant, who said the man had remained inside for about five minutes after another deputy had responded to previous call. The offender had walked down the driveway, yelling profanities at the complainant and her guests, between visits from deputies.

The deputy saw the man stumble down the steps and start walking toward the driveway. His clothes were disheveled and he appeared to have a difficult time walking and maintaining his balance. He approached a telephone pole and had to grab the guide wires to keep from falling.

The man appeared to have a white substance, either drool or spit, coming from the right side of his mouth and he had an overwhelming odor of alcohol. He loudly voiced his displeasure when he was told he was being placed under arrest.

Another deputy was called to secure the man’s trailer and the suspect became highly agitated in the meantime, yelling and using profanity toward the deputy and the neighbors. He then began to strike the patrol car’s center partition with his forehead. He struck the partition about 10 times, and copious amounts of saliva escaped from his mouth as he yelled. He then accused his neighbors of stealing his cell phone and his $1,000 radio. After ranting some more, he reverted to his neighbors stealing his $600 cell phone. He also repeatedly accused his neighbors of stealing from him and that they stole his food stamp card.

The woman had called an hour earlier and said he had punched her trailer several times and had punched the paneling inside the trailer. The woman said he was very intoxicated but was acting fine until he got angry and started punching the trailer and accused them of stealing. When deputies arrived at his camper, he appeared to be sleeping and very intoxicated. He told deputies he had been over at his neighbor’s trailer but did not punch anything. He also said several times he was going to quit drinking. He said he was not going to the neighbor’s home anymore and he was going back to sleep.

April 10
Possession of product containing pseudoephedrine
A deputy was called to the Ombudsman alternative school on the report of a student with “spice.” School staff showed the deputy a green, leafy material in a clear wrapper. The suspect said he bought it from another student at the program and believed it was “spice.” He was taken to the Savannah youth detention center.

August 10
Forgery in the first degree
The owner of a Bloomingdale pharmacy called deputies because he believed he had received three counterfeit $50 bills. He said a woman had come in to fill have her prescriptions refilled. He checked the bills with a “bill pen” and the bills appeared to be legitimate. But he had second thoughts and he noticed two of the bills had the same serial number. When finally getting in touch with the customer, he said she seemed upset and said she received the questionable bills from someone who owed her money. She repaid with two newer $100 bills.

April 15
Theft by taking
A man called deputies to tell them he had allowed someone to borrow his vehicle with the provision they would return it the next day, which they did. The suspects helped the complainant and his wife with yard work the next day and stated they were waiting on their ride later that evening. The couple went to bed and when they got up the next day, the vehicle was gone. His wife eventually got a text from the suspect acknowledging he had the vehicle but he had to “hibernate” for a while.