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Incident reports
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Oct. 14
Courthouse Road
Battery (domestic violence act)
A woman came into the Sheriff’s Dept. needing to report an incident. She told the officer that the night before, she and her boyfriend got into a fight. She stated that he punched her in the back three times, drug her down the hall by her hair, pushed her head into her car, choked her, and the kicked her as she was trying to leave.
When the officer asked her why she didn’t report the incident when it happened, she stated that he took the battery out of her car and her cell phone. When she finally got the battery back into her car, she left. She also stated that she is on probation and her boyfriend stated that if she did call the police, he would inflict injuries to himself and inform the investigating deputy that she had also hit him.
She further stated that he intentionally slapped himself in the face.

Oct. 14
White Bluff Drive
Simple battery
(family violence act)
Criminal Trespass (F.V.A.)
A woman stated that during an argument with her husband, he grabbed her arms, when this happened, she hit him in the face with her hand. Then she said that he took her cell phone and smashed it on the ground. Then she took his cell phone and smashed it on the ground. She then went across the street to a friend’s house. When the officer spoke to the husband, he stated that during the argument, the wife hit him in the face with her hand and then he grabbed her arms to keep her from hitting him again. He was then asked if he smashed her cell phone, he said yes. No arrest was made. They both agreed that the husband should leave the residence for the night for a cool down period.

Oct. 14
Loblolly Court
Criminal trespass
A woman stated that while she was at drug rehab, someone hit her residence with eggs. She believes that it was done by two people that she stated has been harassing her. Nothing further was done at this time.

Oct. 15
Ray Fetzer Road
Financial Identity fraud
According to the complainants, they received information of an unknown transaction of $800.25 and another of $769.15. They stated that they contacted their bank and were told to contact the police and make a report. They then said that they contacted Target and Walmart to try and get information on the purchases but were informed that the businesses couldn’t release that information to the individual but could give it to law enforcement.

Oct. 16
Dove Lane
Theft by taking (misdemeanor) (other)
On the above date, an officer was dispatched to the residence in response to a theft. The officer spoke with the complainant who stated that on an unknown date and time, someone came onto his property and stole approximately three gallons of diesel fuel from the tank of a truck that was parked in his yard.

Oct. 16
Eliza Lane
Theft by taking ( misdemeanor)
The complainants told police that an unknown black male came to the couple’s house and sold them some household cleaning products. When the man left, they noticed that he took the money and the cleaning product he sold them. The complainants advised the officers that they put a stop on the check they gave him.

Oct. 16
Pitts Road
Criminal trespass
An officer interviewed a woman who stated that her soon to be ex-husband came to her house wanting to come in. She said that when she told him that he couldn’t come in, he struck the window causing it to crack. The man was gone by the time the officer got to her residence.

Oct. 16
Coldbrook Circle
Failure to notify owner upon
striking fixture.
On the listed date, an officer met with the complainant at the listed location in reference to property damage. The officer observed damage to the mailbox, which appeared to be hit on accident with a vehicle. The complainant requested extra patrol of the area due to speeding/reckless drivers.

Oct. 16
Marion Avenue
Carrying pistol without license
Deputies were dispatched to the residence in reference to someone shooting. The female complainant was able to give the officers a description of an early ’90s model Honda Accord. The complainant also told the officers of the man’s name. Another officer saw a vehicle matching the description. The male driver was standing beside the vehicle. The offender told the officer that he had a gun in his back pocket. The officer recovered the weapon and placed the man under arrest. The man was held at the location until detectives arrived to take that case from there. The man was later taken to the Effingham County Jail for booking.

Oct. 17
Whitehall Avenue/ Vale Royal Drive
An officer was dispatched to a call at the intersection of Vale Royal Drive and Whitehall Avenue in Westwood Subdivision. When they arrived at the scene, they said that it appeared that there were several suspects standing in the intersection. They ordered all of the suspects to lie down on the ground so that they could gain control of the situation. They patted down all of the suspects because there was a possible weapon involved. They collected identification from everyone and then began the investigation. One woman stated that she was struck in the head by another woman. That woman said that she didn’t hit her. The man gave his side of the story, saying that one of them was defending his mother. They both said that they got hit by each other. Both men seemed to be under the influence. The officers found out that there has been an ongoing feud between the two families. The people were told that they would need to pursue warrants for any charges.