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Rincon Police reports
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Sept. 1


Theft by taking

A couple told officers they noticed several weapons had been taken from their gun cabinet. They said there had been disputes over the firearms, and a family member could have taken the weapons. Other family members also may have a key to the home.


Sept. 3

Theft by taking

A man said his roommate had taken his laptop computer and iPhone. The two men were having conflicts, and the suspect agreed to move out. When the victim returned home, his laptop and government-issued iPhone were missing. He had video of the roommate coming back to the residence and taking the items.


Sept. 5

Theft of mislaid property

A woman used the self-checkout at a local grocery store and left her change in the output. Security footage showed someone used the self-checkout machine right after she did, bought dog food and then looked to get his change. He appears to notice the change that had been left behind, looked around briefly and then put it in his pocket.


Sept. 5

Disorderly conduct

A man told officers another man had thrown a milkshake at his vehicle. The victim followed the suspect’s vehicle to another house to make sure it was who he thought it was. When the suspect saw the victim, he threatened him. The victim said he did not know why the suspect had a problem with him, before answering that the suspect may believe the victim had stolen guns from him or purchased stolen guns that had been the property of the suspect. The complainant also said the suspect is “always” harassing him, though this was the first time he had witnessed any such act. The victim said he had seen “footprints and stuff” and the suspect knows “what gets to me.”


Sept. 5

Financial transaction card theft

A woman went to a fast-food restaurant but left her credit card behind. When she returned to retrieve it, it was gone. Her account was charged twice later that evening, but her bank told her that until the charges cleared they did not know the amounts on the additional purchases.


Sept. 8


Officers responded to a call about a physical altercation between a man and a woman. They had gotten into an argument about the man’s involvement with another man, even though the man and woman in the fight were not in a relationship with each other and had never been. The woman said the man had grabbed her by the neck and hit her in the face, “but it doesn’t hurt and he didn’t leave a mark.” The man said he wanted the woman removed from the residence because she previously had stolen $3,000 from him.


Sept. 9

Damage to property

Officers responded to a call and were told the complainant’s ex-fiancee had broken a window at his house. The ex had been drinking and became upset when the victim said she could not spend the night at his house. He said he had invited her over, even though she previously had been issued a trespass notice at his request. She told officers she had been there but did not break his window. The man was told that if he invites her over again and there is another volatile situation, they could be charged with a disorderly house violation.


Sept. 9

Burglary-no forced entry

A woman told officers that her son’s X-Box, three games, two controllers and a set of headphones had been taken from their home, and she believes the items were taken by her son’s friend, whom she called a known thief.


Sept. 10

Disorderly conduct

Officers responded to a call about a disorderly person and discovered two people had been arguing over the victim’s cell phone. The offender had been beating on her bedroom door, demanding to see the cell phone, while the victim was lying down with their young son. He then tried to take the battery on the victim’s car but could not and then went outside and started yelling. The victim said the offender has not threatened her with physical violence nor assaulted her but has been verbally abusive and controlling. The suspect was advised on the city noise ordinance and was admonished for his behavior in his son’s presence.


Sept. 10

Abuse/neglect of the elderly

A Rincon detective was informed of potential dependent/elder financial abuse by the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office, which was sent a form by a bank. The report said a man tried to get a credit card in his mother’s name. She told the bank she had not opened any accounts or applied for a credit card, but she also has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. A report the month before had the man and his mother going to the bank to start a joint account and said the man did most of the talking, and he also asked for a wire transfer for an oxygen generator for his mother. The mother has had her Alzheimer’s diagnosis change from stage 4 to stage 2 with the aid of pure oxygen and a hyperbaric chamber.

The man has flown his mother to Europe for specialized treatments. The bank also reported that the man had opened his own personal account and transferred $10,000 to it from the joint account. His sister has the power of attorney over their mother but he lives with his mother. He said his sister can take money at any time out of any account opened in his mother’s name, but he opened the joint account so she can’t take money out of their living expenses. The man and the sister have been involved in a longstanding civil litigation.


Sept. 10

Entering an auto

Theft by receiving stolen property

A woman and her boyfriend left her vehicle because it needed work to get running again. They left the vehicle because they needed more tools, and the boyfriend knew the offender, who was living where the vehicle already was. When they got back, they noticed the car had been ransacked and items were missing from her vehicle. It appeared the front passenger door had been pried open from the top. They looked into the suspect’s pickup and the boyfriend noticed some of his clothes had been locked in his girlfriend’s car. The offender was arrested and taken to Effingham County Jail.


Sept. 13

Criminal trespass

A woman showed officers punctures in all of her car’s tires, and the puncture marks were in identical locations on the individual tires.


Sept. 14

Reckless driving

Two vehicles were exceeding the speed limit on Highway 21 north of Rincon, and one vehicle moved in front of the other quickly, causing the second vehicle to brake. When the second vehicle moved to the other lane and accelerated in an attempt to pass, the first vehicle cut him off again, forcing him to apply the brakes. The two vehicles were now inside the city limits and moving at greater than 65 mph. When the second vehicle tried to pass the other vehicle, the first vehicle moved into the second vehicle’s lane again, forcing that driver to slam on the brakes. That driver of the second vehicle appeared to be driving dangerously and with intent.

After a traffic stop, the driver of the second vehicle said he was playing with the other vehicle and he knew the other driver. He appeared to be annoyed that he had been pulled over and was more focused on sending and replying to text messages than in speaking with the officer. The officer determined the driver did not see his actions as reckless “and his dismissive behavior as one that would warrant a warning only.” He was placed under arrest for reckless driving and was taken to Effingham County Jail.