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Sheriff's Office reports Sept. 2-11
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Sept. 2
Welfare check,  wanted person-warrant service A woman stated that a neighbor with children was maintaining a house that was unsafe. She said that the house contained no food or water. The owner said that the children in question were not there and the only children present were his own. The children appeared to be healthy and stated that they were fine. It was later discovered that the home owner was wanted for failure to appear in court. He was promptly placed under arrest. The reporting officer was Deandre Loucks. 

Entering automobile or other motor vehicle with intent to commit a theft, theft by taking-felony A man stated that his truck had been broken into at an unknown time. Several days prior, he had verified that his PT111 Millennium Generation Two was in his truck. Several days later, he noticed that the gun was not there, as well as signs of forced entry. He said that he did not know if the gun had been stolen while he was at home or at work. The reporting officer was Bradley Brown. 

Damage to property, injured person A man advised he was in an accident and being chased by three men. He had a difficult time explaining the situation but did inform officers that his friend was still with the vehicle and offered to take them to it. A woman was on the scene who said that her grandson was also involved in the accident. The grandson stated that the first man was driving and he got mad because he wrecked the car. Both men claimed that they were the ones who got assaulted. They both had visible marks on their bodies. An anonymous witness then claimed that two other men were involved in the incident, and the first two men began to change their stories when questioned further. The grandmother said that she would handle the truck. The reporting officer was Tonya Hodges. 

Domestic disputeA man stated that he had gotten into an argument with his wife over an unknown matter. The two had been considering getting a divorce but had not filed the paperwork at the time. He suspected that she had been speaking with another man who was a convicted felon but could not prove this. After several minutes of fighting, the two both agreed to leave the house, taking their belongings with them. The wife claimed that her husband had been verbally abusive in the past but the police had never been called. She verified that she had another place the stay. The reporting officer was Kristopher Withem. 

A man advised that he had gotten into a fight with his stepfather over the presence of the man’s friend at the stepfather’s house. The two friends had starting yelling at the stepfather during the altercation, and when they tried to leave he followed them outside and attempted to take the keys to the friend’s truck. The man managed to push his stepfather away and he and his friend proceeded to drive to the business of the man’s mother. When they got there, they discovered that the stepather had followed them, looking for a fight. The man’s mother managed to convince him to go home. All parties involved confirmed this story. The reporting officer was Max Barber. 

Driving while license withdrawn, driving without license, improper passing of emergency/towing/highway vehicle 
A man was seen failing to move over or slow his vehicle in the presence of a police officer conducting a traffic stop. When questioned, he revealed that he did not have his driver’s license, and it was later discovered that it had been suspended several years prior. The man was then arrested and the car was released to its owner, who was a passenger. The reporting officer was Jason Bragg. 

Harassing communicationsA woman stated that she had been receiving phone calls from a restricted number. The calls had been going on for several hours and the caller indicated that he was outside of her house and going to get her. The caller could not be located. The reporting officer was William West.

Sept. 3
Disorderly conduct A man advised that he had heard gun shots in a nearby neighborhood. Loud shouting was later heard in the same area. Two men were seen fighting on a front porch over an unknown matter. The man on top ran away when a patrol car arrived on the scene. The second man was extremely intoxicated and continued to shout profanity at officers on the scene. A gun was discovered nearby in the front yard which belonged to the owner of the house. The intoxicated man did not live there and the gun was turned over to a sober resident. The man was then arrested as he continued to stumble and use obscene language. The reporting officer was William West. 

Simple battery-family violence, possession of marijuana lLess than one ounce, driving while license suspended or revoked (misdemeanor), criminal trespass-property damage, criminal damage to property- fist degree, cruelty to children in the third degree third or subsequentA woman stated that the father of her child had been physically and verbally abusive to her in front of their baby. Late into the night, the baby started to cry and she asked him if he would go care for it. The man became enraged and started to call the woman names and yell at her. When she threatened to call her brother to came pick her up, the man became physically violent. He threw several items across the room including a vase, baby gate, picture frame and wireless router. He also punched three holes into the wall over the course of the incident. When the woman went to pick up some of the debris, he violently pushed her across the room. The baby was present during the entire attack. The man then proceeded to leave in a rage. The woman went on to say that the man had been very aggressive in the past, stating on several occasions that he would take the baby if she filed for divorce. Soon after, the man was spotted driving a short distance away. As he was being arrested, it was discovered that he had a small amount of marijuana in his car. His license had also been denied several years ago. On his way to jail, he confirmed that he and his wife often fight and that he usually leaves to calm down. The reporting officer was Deandre Loucks. 

Domestic disputeA woman stated that her boyfriend had gotten physical during an argument. The altercation had originally started over her medication. She elaborated that the boyfriend had punched her in the face and pulled out a small chunk of her hair before leaving in a haste. The reporting officer was William West. 

Disorderly conduct A woman stated that she was attacked by a man early in the morning during an argument about her medication. He had recently been kicked out of pain management due to his abuse of drugs, and he wanted her medication. During the confrontation, he grabbed her face and left a visible mark. The man later claimed that he was getting his medication and the woman attacked him by throwing a Snickers at him. The two had been involved in a similar incident previously that same day. Since both parties had different stories and visible marks, they were arrested. The reporting officer was Jason Bragg. 

Damaged propertyA man stated that his back window had been shattered at an unknown time. He was at his house for several days and did not notice that the window was broken for some time. He believes that someone tried to break into his house. Two footprints were found near the window. The reporting officer was William West.  
Battery--family violence (first offense), criminal trespass, false Imprisonment, obstructing or hindering persons making emergency contact A woman stated that her grandson became violent when she refused to buy him alcohol. The grandson has a drinking problem and he proceeded to cause significant damage to her house when she refused to purchase beer for him. This included breaking several picture frames and throwing items at a wall. He then rummaged through her closet to find money. When she pushed him out of the closet, he wedged a table into the door, trapping her inside. The woman ultimately managed to escape. The grandson’s brother confirmed these statements and added that he also hit the back of his mother’s head, causing a knot. The grandson then stole his brother’s cellphone, preventing him from calling the police. The brother ultimately contacted authorities by getting in touch with a friend. The grandson also broke the window of his grandfather’s truck. He was arrested and taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The reporting officer was Jason Bragg.

Sept. 4
Burglary -- first degree (felony) 

A woman stated that her house had been broken into while she was away. When it was verified that there was no one inside of the house, the woman and her husband went inside to see if anything was missing. They discovered that around $700 worth of money and jewelry were missing. It was also discovered that the screen on the bedroom window had been opened, as well as possible signs of a forced entry. The reporting officer was Caleb Grovenstein. 

Sept. 5Driving without a license, driving while license withdrawn, aggressive drivingA man was spotted impeding traffic on a 45 and 55 mph roadway. The man stated that his license was suspended and it was later confirmed that he had multiple violations. He was then arrested and his car was towed. The reporting officer was Jason Bragg.

Sept. 6Reckless driving A woman advised that a man had harassed her with his truck on the road. The man had followed extremely close behind her before he proceeded to pass her. As he did so, he shifted into the woman’s lane to get her off the road. He then proceeded to move in front of her car, slam on brakes and jump out of his truck. When the woman advised him that she was calling the police, he got back in his truck and drove away. She provided a license plate number but it came back for a different vehicle. The reporting officer was Tonya Hodges. 

Sept. 7
Maintaining a disorderly house (domestic dispute) A man stated that he was attacked by his wife while returning home to collect his belongings. The man claimed that he had been trying to leave his wife for some time but every time she “gets him into trouble.” The wife then claimed that her husband had hit her in the face when he came home, following an argument. Both parties declined medical services. The two then proceeded to get into a second argument in front of officers. The property owner and several surrounding tenants indicated that the fighting was a regular occurrence. The woman then stated that she would call someone to come pick her up, but after several minutes of waiting, it was verified that no one was on the way. The two parties were then placed under arrest. The reporting officer was Max Barber. 

Furnish/sell alcohol to person under 21A woman stated that her daughter and her daughter’s friend had come home under the influence of alcohol. Both girls were under the age of 21 at the time. The daughter reported that she had arrived at work earlier that day with her friend when her supervisor informed her that she would be required to participate in a drinking game if she wanted to keep her job. He also wanted the friend to participate. The two agreed and proceeded to drink several alcoholic beverages. The supervisor then invited the two into his back office, but only the friend accepted the invitation. When she came out, she informed the daughter that she had done several lines of cocaine. The supervisor then asked the two girls to go back into the office to perform a sexual act. The daughter began to feel unsafe and proceeded to leave the establishment with her friend. Both girls recovered from the incident. The reporting officer was Max Barber.
Disorderly conductAn anonymous source advised that loud arguing had been coming from a backyard for the past several minutes. It was discovered that a male and a female were arguing inside of a camper, shouting profanity and knocking objects to the floor. Once the male was detained, both parties confirmed that they had been arguing over what to have for dinner. They were later arrested. The reporting officer was William West. 

Sept. 8 Burglary -- First-degree (felony) A man stated that two of his guns had been stolen sometime within a 14-hour time frame. He had gone to work in the morning knowing that the guns were in his house. He went home that afternoon, went to his mother’s house soon afterward and came home again later that evening, not noticing if the guns were there. He woke up early the next morning to discover that they were missing. One gun was a shotgun and the other was a .17 caliber rifle. The reporting officer was David Cribbs.  

Simple batteryA man stated that he was attacked by another man while trying to leave his landlord’s house. The first man had gone to the house to pay his rent when the second man, who was sleeping upstairs, came down and asked him to leave. Prior to this, the first man had gone to the back porch to smoke, with the landlord’s permission, but he decided to leave early when the second man began to threaten him. The two men then began to fight in the garage. The first man pressed charges but declined medical help. He had a reddish area on his torso. The second man was later arrested. The reporting officer was Malcom Foy. 

Sept. 9Terroristic threats and/or actsA woman stated that two young boys had thrown rocks at her car as she was driving home. Both rocks had hit the car, but there was no noticeable damage. The boys were nowhere in sight. The reporting officer was Caleb Grovenstein. 

Sept. 10Domestic disputeAn anonymous caller stated that a male hit a female on the side or the road. The woman indicated that nothing had happened, although they were arguing in the street. The woman’s story changed multiple times. The reporting officer was David Cribbs. 

Criminal trespassA woman stated that her daughter and boyfriend had come up from Florida to evacuate for Hurricane Irma. They arrived early and the boyfriend became mad, cursing at the woman. She asked him to leave but he refused. He also tried to force his way into the house and demanded the she give him a cigarette. After he threatened to kill her, the woman gave him a cigarette and he left. The boyfriend later returned to the house and threatened to beat the woman if she called the police. The reporting officer was David Cribbs. 

Sept. 11 Simple battery-family violence A woman stated that her teenaged daughter was engaging in unruly and abusive behavior that included a shoulder bump and a slap. The girl refused to speak to the officer, saying, “I don’t have to talk to you.” The reporting officer was Jason Bragg.