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Sheriff's reports
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April 26
Highway 119 at
Steelbridge Landing
DUI-refusal (first offense)
Deputies were called to Steelbridge Landing by Bulloch County sheriff’s deputies in reference to a possible fight. Upon arrival, deputies noticed a man who appeared to be sleeping behind the wheel of a pickup truck. Deputies tried several times to wake him and eventually shook his leg and asked him to step to the rear of the truck after he awoke. He was asked if he knew anything about a fight and he said he did not.
Deputies noticed an odor of alcohol and asked him to take a field sobriety test. He said he didn’t do anything and refused to take a field sobriety test. The man was advised that since he was behind the wheel of a truck with the motor running that he was in physical control of it. He replied he was just sitting in his truck. While patting him down, deputies found $1,340 in his pocket. The money was returned to the suspect. He was placed under arrest for DUI and taken to Effingham County Jail, where he refused to take a sobriety test.

April 28
Rincon Stillwell Road
Damage to property
Possession of alcoholic beverage – under 21 years of age
Obstruction/ hindering a law enforcement officer (misdemeanor)
A deputy responded to a Rincon Stillwell Road address in regard to a burglary that had already occurred. The complainants told the deputy that they had been downtown and two people who were going to clean their house called them. The woman told the complainants that when she went into the back room to get a vacuum, she noticed a window was broken. When the deputy looked at the window, he determined that the window was not broken in the way described. The woman said when the man who was with her tried to clean up the glass, he cut himself. The deputy saw no trace of blood or clothing used to clean up. When he looked in the trash he noticed two empty cardboard cases of beer. The deputy advised another deputy  of this and was told shortly after that the man at the hospital admitted to breaking the window. When the deputy asked the woman what she knew of the beer, she denied any knowledge. When the Alco sensor test indicated that the woman was positive for alcohol, she was arrested and turned over to the jail staff.

May 13
Highway 119 S near Parker’s
Failure to yield to emergency vehicle
DUI–under 21 years of age, over .02 GRMS (first offense)
Officers were sent to Parker’s convenience store in response to a silent alarm call. When they arrived, the store clerk said that she was all right but one of the boys who was sitting outside the store came inside with a beer. She also said that the other boys with him were drinking as well. When the officers followed the truck the boys were in, the boys sped up attempting to avoid them. After the officers turned the emergency lights on, the truck stopped at a dead end. The boys then admitted to drinking underage and were arrested and turned over to the jail staff.

April 26
Lauren Drive
At about 3:21 on April 26, deputies were dispatched to a Lauren Drive residence in response to a brush fire. The man was burning debris in his back yard when he left the fire unattended. The fire spread to his fence, his neighbor’s fence and his neighbor’s pool deck. Fire units put out the fire and the case was turned over to Georgia Forestry.

April 26
Goshen Road and West Ninth Street
Criminal damage to property in the first degree (private)
A deputy was sent to an accident that involved a vehicle and a house. When the deputy got there, the vehicle had left. The deputy called for backup in helping locate the vehicle. When the vehicle was spotted, officers tried to stop the man driving. The man was driving recklessly on the road and was failing to stop. When the man turned onto a dead end, he surrendered to officers after some struggle. The man had alcohol on his breath so the deputy arrested him for DUI. When the vehicle was searched, officers found an empty beer bottle in the front seat,and two prescription medications with the owner’s name removed. The man was sent for a mental evaluation after he said he wanted to die. The man was found to be mentally stable and was sent to the Effingham County Jail.

April 24
McIntyre Road
Theft by deception
On April 24 an officer got a call from a man in reference to a stolen and recovered vehicle. The man said that he is a caregiver to the person whose vehicle had been stolen. He said that earlier that day, he followed the person who was towing the car owned by the person he watches after. When the man stopped them and asked them what they were doing with the car, they told him that another man sold it to them for $50. They returned the vehicle to the owner after hearing what had really happened. After it was returned, the caregiver spoke with the neighbors. One lady said that on that same day, the man that the other people had described came to her house an asked if she was selling a TV. The woman also said that she noticed a dark truck in front of her neighbor’s house and heard some beating noises. The owner of the vehicle was notified and told officers that he wants to press charges when the offender is found.
— Compiled by Deanna Stephens