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DOT seeks public review, comments at local meetings
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ATLANTA–The Georgia Department of Transportation will be presenting the Draft FY 2011-2014 Statewide Transportation Improve-
ment Program for public review and comment.  
The STIP is a four-year program that identifies federally funded transportation projects for non-urban communities in rural Georgia for fiscal years 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. These projects include, but are not limited to; new construction, operational and safety improvements, bridge replacements, and maintenance for interstates, state routes, and bridges. Additional projects include bicycle and pedestrian projects, transportation enhancement projects and public transit projects. 
The public’s input is important in the development of the STIP. The STIP process allows citizens to review proposed projects in the local area. 
GDOT will conduct open house meetings around the state at convenient locations for the public to review the Draft FY 11-14 STIP. GDOT staff will be available to answer questions and discuss concerns regarding the Draft FY 11-14 STIP. The meetings are open to the public, and all constituents are encouraged to attend.  
The Draft FY 11-14 STIP will also be available on the Internet, at The department looks forward to working with the public during the development of the Draft FY 11-14 STIP.
The Nov. 2 general election ballot will include a proposed constitutional amendment to allow the Georgia Department of Transportation to enter into multiyear construction agreements to reduce long-term construction costs paid by the state. This measure would not add any new taxes; it would allow better use of funds currently collected. It would help Georgia DOT bridge its current funding gap and allow it to continue to utilize every available state motor fuel dollar to improve, maintain and grow Georgia’s transportation system. To learn more about SR 821, visit: 
The Georgia Department of Transportation is committed to providing a safe, seamless and sustainable transportation system that supports Georgia’s economy and is sensitive to both its citizens and its environment. Additional transportation revenues are imperative to grow and sustain Georgia’s economic vitality and quality of life through the 21st century. Georgia is the third fastest-growing state in the nation, yet 49th in per capita spending on transportation. 
For general information on the Georgia DOT, visit the Web site