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Effingham County Sheriff's Office reports June 2
crime reports


· Andrew Berson, Lauren Drive – criminal trespass and simple battery (family violence)

· Ronald Dean Arledge, Old River Road – obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers and giving false name, address or birthdate to law enforcement

· Holden Barnes, Magnolia Street – false imprisonment and simple assault


· Highway 80 – A woman stated that an unknown person left her threatening messages over the phone.

· Ardmore Oaky Road – A woman advised that a nearby vacant house had been broken into during the early evening hours.

· Kolic Helmey Road – A man stated that he was pushed to the ground while working on someone’s gutters.

· Shawnee Egypt Road – A man stated that he was attacked at a party while trying to get a dog to stop biting him.

· Honey Ridge Road – A man stated that he got into a physical altercation with his brother over a box.

· Highway 119 – A man stated that he was involved in a road rage incident which resulted in his car being shot at.

· Tunnel Road – A woman stated that her boyfriend took her car keys from her during an argument.

· Teal Drive – A woman stated that she received unemployment benefits that she did not apply for.

· Clyo Shawnee Road – A man stated that he got into a fight with an acquaintance over the man’s wife.

· South Laurel Street – A man was spotted sitting in the parking lot of a business that was closed for the night.

· Highway 21 – An abandoned vehicle was spotted sitting on the side of the road in complete disrepair.

· Carroll Avenue – A woman stated that her son’s ex-girlfriend threatened to kill her son over the phone.

· Go Cart Road – A woman stated that one of her employees had not shown up for work and could not be reached.

· Corral Road – A woman claimed that her son took her car keys during a heated dispute over his mental health.

· Clyo Shawnee Road – A couple stated that their home caught on fire due to an electrical malfunction.

· Withlacoochee Avenue – A man stated that someone broke into his locked truck and stole his firearm.

· Ziegler Road – A man stated that his neighbors had been playing extremely loud music throughout the night.

· Honey Ridge Road – A woman stated that an acquaintance had been operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs.

· Highway 80 – A man stated that his trailer’s tire blew out which caused the trailer to catch on fire.

· Exley Road South – A man was spotted driving recklessly in a vehicle that did not have a license plate.

· Clydesdale Court – A man stated that his daughter accidently hit several mailboxes while driving a golfcart.

· Noel C Conaway Road – A woman stated that her son was being harassed by a stranger on the internet.

· Goshen Road – A woman stated that an unknown individual opened several bank accounts in her name.

· Ralph Rahn Road – A man stated that a delivery truck driver ran over his well and severely damaged it.