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GSS to mark annual Landing Day on Saturday
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William Holton Brown will be the guest speaker at the Georgia Salzburger Society’s annual Landing Day on Saturday.

He will provide information from his translating and editing of excerpts from the original diary of pastors Boltzius and Gronau, from Nov. 26, 1733 to May 14, 1734.

Landing Day is a memorial celebration commemorating the landing of the first Salzburger transport in Georgia, March 12, 1734.  Events of the program will focus on these “early pioneers in the Georgia American wilderness,” the hardships they endured and their strong faith.

Following the presentation, the annual business meeting will be held. Prior to the Annual Landing Day Meeting, the ringing of the historical church bells by Rodell Seckinger will be heard throughout the area. These bells were given to the Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church in 1740 and 1752 by George Whitefield. Rev. Whitefield was an English minister who founded the Bethesda Orphanage for boys in Savannah. The bells toll for all services at the church. The Rev. Eleanor J. Russey will lead the religious observance.

A reception to honor the retiring board of directors (Claudia Christiansen, John Cone, Robert Griner, Keith Martin and Tom Nease) will be in the Calvin Seckinger conference room in the old parsonage.