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Melissa Calhoun running for state court judge
Melissa Calhoun
Melissa Calhoun

Special to the Herald

Thank you to all who voted for me in the primary election in May. I now face a runoff on June 18, which will decide the direction of the State Court for the next four years.

I am not a politician, so that makes the reality of an election both good and bad. The good includes the people who I have met in our county who share the same passion to make Effingham better. The bad includes having to defend myself against the false allegations that have been made against me. But just as in life, we must take the good with the bad while not allowing the bad to negatively affect our principles and character.

Running for a judicial position was never on my radar. It was the comment made to me during the short time that I was Solicitor that prompted me, after prayer and discussion with my family, to enter the race. While sitting in the Solicitor’s administrative assistant’s office, the current judge came in that office. A current DUI case, which was yet to proceed to trial at the time of our conversation was mentioned. It was then that the current judge stated, “Well, we all know that she’s guilty on all counts.” At that point I felt like State Court had to change so that our Constitutional rights and the basic principle that all are considered innocent until proven guilty in the courtroom, and not before, is upheld.

I will not make promises of reduced fines or other incentives so you will vote for me. However, I will promise you that each case will be heard with an open mind and that your rights will be protected.

In the primary election held in May, between Mr. Raymond Dickey and I, approximately 60%of those voting made it clear that they want a change in the State Court of Effingham County. If that is truly the desire of Effingham County, then you need to make that happen by voting on June 18. Of, you have the option of early voting between June 10 to June 14 at the Election Board on Hwy. 119 across from the animal shelter; or ask for an absentee ballot if your vacation plans will take you out of Effingham County during these dates.

I ask again for your vote and as this will be your last opportunity for four years to bring our State Court back to what it should be.

My platform which covers pretrial diversion to the issue of private probation for our county is set out on my Facebook page which is Melissa M. Calhoun: A Judge for the People. Or you can reach out to me at

Thank you for your past support and only with your votes will we make it across the finish line as winners not for myself, but for all of Effingham County.