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Rincon City Council meeting cancelled due to no quorum present
July 10 agenda items pushed to July 24 meeting
Lt. Daniel Thompson and Miya Johnson
Rincon Police Lt. Daniel Thompson presents a commendation to Rincon Firefighter Miya Johnson. (Photo by Barbara Augsdorfer/Effingham Herald.)

By Barbara Augsdorfer, Editor for the Effingham Herald

With councilmembers Reese Brower and Michelle Taylor absent, no quorum was present for the regularly scheduled meeting of the Rincon City Council on July 10.

There was a full agenda which no action could be taken; however Mayor Ken Lee proceeded with other items on the agenda that did not require council action.

Most of the agenda items from July 10 will be taken up at the next scheduled meeting on July 24. City Manager Jonathan Lynn asked the council if they would consider a special called meeting for the week of July 17, but Lee said he was planning to be out of town.

Mayor Lee did say that a petition by William Exley regarding a possible development on 388 acres on Old Augusta Road had been withdrawn, so no further action would be taken.

City Attorney Raymond Dickey added that on July 24 the city council may also set the date for a special election to fill the vacancy left by Damon Rahn who resigned in June.

Since no official business could be conducted, Mayor Lee allowed for department reports and public presentations.

Lt. Daniel Thompson and Stephen Melton
Rincon Police Lt. Daniel Thompson presents a commendation to Rincon Firefighter Stephen Melton.

Lt. Daniel Thompson from the Rincon Police Department recognized two Rincon Fire Department personnel and two Rincon Police officers for recent calls that saved citizens’ lives.

Thompson recognized Rincon Fire Department and Rincon Police officers saving a person in cardiac arrest, and another person experiencing an apparent overdose.

Lt. Daniel Thompson and Scott Brooks
Rincon Police Lt. Daniel Thompson presents a commendation to Rincon Firefighter Scott Brooks at the Rincon City Council meeting on July 10. (Photo by Barbara Augsdorfer/Effingham Herald.)
“Firefighter Scott Brooks was adamant helping all units on scene,” Thompson recalled of the incident. “He kept the energy going. He managed the scene for everybody. The person going through a cardiac event, they're alive today because of the efforts of these firefighters.”

Also on scene for that incident was Rincon Firefighter Miya Johnson. In presenting her commendation, Thompson said, “The (police) sergeant on scene wrote, ‘(Johnson) should be praised for her leadership at this event, not only recognizing the patient’s status was changing, but for directing other officers, and her own involvement within the ambulance, and in the front yard assisting EMS in doing what they do.’”

Regarding the overdose incident, Thompson said, “Because of Firefighter Stephen Melton's quick actions with the AED, no doubt that patient is alive today. He was also inside the ambulance, assisting EMS, giving medical aid that made their job easier.”

Rincon Police Officers David Gonzalez and Cody Chapman were also recognized, but were unable to attend the meeting due to scheduling conflicts.

Thompson continued, “All this goes in their personnel file to show you the outstanding work that these folks are doing for us.”