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Rincon doctor in wrestlers' corner
EC vs. SE
Dr. Tripp Lynn
Dr. Tripp Lynn - photo by Photo submitted

RINCON — Dr. Tripp Lynn is a valuable member of two high school wrestling teams and he’s got the t-shirts to prove it.

Lynn has treated Effingham County and South Effingham grapplers with skin ailments for more than a decade. 

“Skin conditions are a real problem for us in sports,” Effingham County wrestling coach Nico Guggino said. “If you have any type of skin condition, you can’t compete.”

Lynn fully understands the plight of afflicted wrestlers.

“(Guggino) has tracked me down to get things done and I don’t mind that at all,” he said. “One little thing could derail you and — for a junior or a senior — that could be the end of it.”

Lynn, operator of Lynn’s Family Practice for 23 years, was instrumental in helping one of Guggino’s recent wrestlers, Isiah Royal, win a state title.

“He had something, I believe, on his knee and it was like a week before the state tournament,” Guggino said. “He was the defending champion and it was after practice when he showed it to me. Dr. Lynn’s office was already closed so we went to his house that night.

“That basically allowed Isiah to continue that run to a second state championship. Dr. Lynn has done that for a lot of kids.”

Through their wrestling association, Lynn and Guggino have become good friends.

“His kids used to wrestle at South Effingham but I never held that against him. That’s on him, Guggino joked. 

Lynn started treating wrestlers shortly his step-son, Josh, took the mat for South Effingham as a freshman in 2009. His younger sons, Brannon and Noah, followed in the Mustangs’ program and he kept helping other wrestlers after they graduated.

“When (wrestlers) ran into problems with skin infections and things like that, they didn’t have anywhere to go,” Lynn said. “It’s a pretty simple and easy thing to do, and it’s not a problem. I love doing it, especially when they win a championship.

“I treat middle school kids, high school kids, whoever needs help.”

Lynn typically prescribes creams and ointments to heal the wrestlers’ ailments. He does this for free. Well, it’s free if his burgeoning collection of Mustangs and Rebels t-shirts is discounted.

T-shirts, as far as the doctor is concerned, are a handsome reward for helping athletes achieve their goals.

“The kids want to move ahead,” he said. “I remember how hungry my boys were for it.”

Guggino is deeply grateful for Lynn’s contributions to his sport.

“As a wrestling coach, he’s a real good commodity to have,” Guggino said. “I’ve never heard of a doctor helping the whole community like he does as long as he has. He never asks for anything — except for a shirt.”