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Rincon to add fire training structure
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Rincon’s fire department is looking to add to its training repertoire.

City council members have approved sending out for bids on a proposed training structure and training props, requested by the fire department. The multi-story training facility will be built out of container systems.

Rincon Fire Chief Corey Rahn cautioned council members that they won’t get many bids because of the nature of the training structure the department wants.

“We’re only going to get two bids,” he said, “because there are only two companies that build container systems on site.”

Rahn traveled to Brevard County, Fla., and Charleston County, S.C., to take a look at similar training structures based on containers.

Having their own structure will enable Rincon firefighters to conduct training locally and even conduct training for other area departments.

“Right now, we have to go to Forsyth to get training,” Rahn said.

Plans call for a three-story structure, with the first floor being a “burn room,” another “burn room” on the second floor and a rappelling tower from the third floor. The building also will allow the Rincon firefighters to conduct training on confined space search and rescue of the industries served by the department, Rahn said.

The training structure will be built adjacent to Rincon’s fire station off 17th Street, and council member Paul Wendelken urged that plans should call for leaving enough room for expansion of the fire department.

Bids are scheduled to be opened Nov. 28.

Rahn also said the department conducted 14 different events during National Fire Prevention Week, visiting schools, day cares and Scout units.