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Training to ramp up on post
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Training is increasing this week on Fort Stewart, and the installation is advising its neighbors that noise also may be greater.

Units are flying and firing through March 1 and through Feb. 25, mortars, artillery and military air traffic, most likely during the night, may be heard.

On Feb. 26 and 27, neighbors may hear ordnance, small arms, and military air traffic from early afternoon until late at night.
On Feb. 29 and March 1, artillery may be heard; late afternoon on Feb. 29 and mid-morning on March 1. The division also plans to fire all of its howitzers at once the morning of March 1.
As a premier power projection platform, Fort Stewart’s ranges are active year-round. Because the 3rd Infantry Division trains like it fights, ranges will be active during day and time. Weather conditions can carry the sounds of training and firing further; cold weather and cloud cover, as well as a high water table, can make sound carry further.

With nearly all of Fort Stewart’s units home, that means many units and soldiers will be out on the ranges. Fort Stewart is also a training ground for other services.

If neighbors have a concern with noise, they can file a noise and/or aircraft complaint that is then investigated by both post training and public works experts. Those reports are used to mitigate sound impacts as much as is realistically possible given the nature of Fort Stewart’s business.