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Y gears up for Spring Fling
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With great weather forecast for Saturday’s first day of spring, the Effingham YMCA is planning its first Spring Fling day at the Y.

“We wanted to have a fundraiser where more people could be involved,” said Effingham Y Executive Director Kim Dennis.

She said there would be so many different things happening Saturday that there should be something there for everyone. A car show is planned to run up the side of the building, leading to the chili cook-off area for which 20 teams signed up by Tuesday. Inside the adult gym, area craftsmen will set up booths, showing off and selling handmade wares. There will be moon bounces and other games for kids to play, in addition to hay rides and pony rides.

Proceeds will go toward the Y’s Priceless Gifts campaign. The YMCA’s goal is $54,500 and currently, it has taken in $38,000.

“We have this week and half of next week, and then we’re supposed to be done campaigning,” Dennis said.

She is hopeful the day’s activities can make up the $16,500 they are short.

“I really want people to know about the event, but I want them to understand why we’re doing it and how much further we have to make it to our goal,” Dennis said.

People who don’t go to the Spring Fling can still make a contribution to the Priceless Gifts campaign, Dennis said.

She said it had proven to be a really tough year for a lot of people and that a number of folks who had given every year couldn’t this time. She is excited, though, that this fundraiser involves the whole family, rather than the annual gala, which was aimed at adults.

“Hopefully, as people are here, we’ll be able to share our story,” Dennis said. “So many people think of the Y as a fitness center or as a daycare center, but the Y is a community center. This year our expansion program was our Christian Leadership Academy, a select program for teens, teaching them how to be leaders, and what that means to be a Christian leader in their community and hope that we’re investing in our community.”

Events at the Y for Spring Fling will start Saturday at 10 a.m. and go until 4 p.m. The chili tasting will cost $5 for adults and $2.50 for kids. You can purchase tickets for balloons and various rides, games and activities. There will be an area for arts and crafts booths and a car show and a cake walk.