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Just a spoonful of sugar
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Sometimes it’s the simple things that can get people all wound up.

Just mention something from your childhood days that was popular, and everyone will have a story to tell about it.

I happened to be on Facebook the other night and commented that I had just taken the kid over to Dairy Queen for a banana split and how wonderful it was.

But of course, first I have to tell my little story.

The place was mobbed when we got there and I asked the gal behind the counter what the deal was.

She said, “Today is the last day of the ‘buy one Blizzard get one for a quarter’ deal.”


How many times had I seen the commercial and it just didn’t dawn on me what they were talking about?


So I asked the kid if he wanted a banana split or if he wanted a banana split Blizzard, our usual fare.

He said, “Banana split.”

I turned to the gal and said, “OK. Make that two.”

We found our way over to an empty table that had obviously been well-used throughout the day, and sat to wait for our order.

“Do you want to eat here or go home?” I inquired of the earnestly-waiting-for-his-treat kid.

“Let’s get it and go.”

“Well, hmm, it will probably melt before we get home. Let’s just eat here. It won’t take long.”

He rolled his eyes in exasperation as he usually does when he gets vetoed.

I’m used to it.

“Why do you ask me if you’ve already made up your mind?” he asked.

“I dunno. I guess to make it clear to you that I have already made up my mind.”

Our number was called and the kid went to fetch our order.

The look on his face when he got back to the table was one of white hot anger.

Good thing we were getting ice cream. That’s a look that comes around when his blood sugar is really low.

He grumbled under his breath, “I thought we were getting Blizzards! I don’t want this stupid banana split!”

“Sit down and eat. Just eat.”

He gripped his little fists and said, “I am not going to eat that. I didn’t want that.”

I said, “Oh, yes you did. I asked you several times if you wanted a banana split and you said, ‘yes’. This is it. Sit down and eat it, or I will embarrass you in front of all these people.”

He sat down and glowered at me.

I dug right into mine with a big cheesy grin.

“Oh man ...this is sooooo stinkin’ good...”.

He picked up his spoon and took a little bite of his.

“Oh beanboy ... this is yummy. What a good idea it was to come here!” I exclaimed happily.

He didn’t say a word until he was nearly through the last bit of banana.

“This is way better than a blizzard!” he announced.

I laughed and said, “See? All that fuss for nothing.”

Like I said, low blood sugar. A little treat of something sweet and its all lollipops and roses again.

He did a little pirouette as he made his way to the trash receptacle and I shook my head, thinking, “There’s always a little drama with this kid.…”

He put the little trays into the big barrel, looking at one last instant to make sure he hadn’t left a drop of anything on his tray.

Nope. Clean as a whistle. He couldn’t have cleaned it any better if he’d licked it clean.

All the way home he extolled the virtues of the Dairy Queen banana split.

“You can really taste everything better in a banana split than when it all gets put into a blender!”

Yep. That’s the idea.

He asked when could we go again.

“Soon,” I replied, “soon...”.

The response I got from posting my visit to DQ on Facebook was pretty astonishing. Everyone seemed to have DQ favorites. Some are unfortunate to not have a DQ locally, but savor the memories of a favorite treat.

The Peanut Buster Parfait seemed to be an overwhelming favorite.

The kid will be sure to reminisce about his first Dairy Queen banana split.

“Wow. I can’t believe I thought it was so good coming out of a blender. I’m glad my mom made me try the real deal.”

Especially when he could have been paddled in front of a whole lot of people.

I think he made the right choice.

Maybe next week I’ll tell you about the lengths this we’ve gone to to get some Chick-Fil-A ice cream.

Oh mama.

Definitely worth every country mile.

I’m having a fond memory of that first spoonful right  this second.

Here’s a new slogan for S. Truett Cathy: Don’t be dumb, git you some!

And it’s really good with a side of waffle fries, too.