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A great thanks to Effingham Hospital
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Dear Editor:

On July 17, I entered Effingham Hospital for a knee replacement after nearly a year of pain and limited activity. Drs. Palmer and Myers did an outstanding job.
Effingham Hospital also did an outstanding job. From the time I arrived, tests were made, my family was treated well before and after the surgery, and best of all, after the surgery I couldn’t have asked for more. Nurses Linda, Barbara and Robin attended my every need and request with concern and much TLC. “Cat” kept my spirits up with her pleasant attitude and great assistance. I’m sorry I do not recall everyone’s name as they were all so much help to me. A better crew for recuperation could not have been assembled.
The very first day, Z.T. of the hospital therapy department had me on my feet with encouragement and advice. I left after three days to return home to my husband and help mate, Dale. He also took good care of me and even prepared French toast for breakfast one morning.
Thankfully, I am up and about now with the assistance of Drs. Palmer and Myers’ therapy department. The week I was in the hospital, I was told the beds were all occupied. I’m thrilled to know our Effingham Hospital has such a great staff and applaud our Hospital Authority members and Mrs. Norma Jean Morgan for the competent and caring staff they have assembled to take care of us in Effingham County.

Betty Ford Renfro