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How can Obama fix the U.S. if Illinois is in such bad shape?
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Dear Editor,

Without criticism from Senator Obama, the Illinois state pension fund shows a debt of $44 billion, Cook County sales tax is 10.25 percent and Chicago’s school system is rated one of the worst in the country. While Obama can’t fix his state, one has to also question his attitude toward America when he says our flag is a symbol of oppression and the anthem conveys a war-like message. Michelle says not until her adult life was she proud of America and it is a mean country. Not to worry though, Michelle says. Obama is going to heal America’s broken souls. If he can’t put Illinois in order, how can he fix our souls?

If America is bad, answer how Michelle could attend Princeton and Harvard and upon graduating be accepted into an eminent Chicago law firm with a salary over $100,000? Even Obama attended Harvard, both colleges being prestigious and expensive.

In his book “Dreams From My Father,” he states “he had animosity against his mother’s white race, he never emulated white or brown men whose fates didn’t speak to his own loyalty to blacks.” In “Audacity of Hope,” he states he will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.

A couple to fear in the White House.

Sheila M. Galbreath
Richmond Hill