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Johnson the best choice to succeed Kingston
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Dear Editor,

I am supporting Dr. Bob Johnson to succeed Jack Kingston.

These are the seven basic reasons why I believe “Dr. Bob” deserves Jack’s seat.

1) Bob served in the Rangers for 26 years and we need more in Congress who think with a military background. Also, our area has a large military presence.

2) Bob is a practicing physician. Yet, he is mindful we must make sensible modifications in our nation’s heath care system but he also believes “Obamascare” is not the answer.

We have a large number of local retirees as well as a large underclass who need pragmatic and truly affordable health care. Bob understands this need but does not believe we have to destroy the system we have to accomplish improvements.

3) Bob is a citizen politician in the vein of Jefferson and has pledged not to stay in office forever.

4) On a more personal note, I have come to know Bob. We have had many discussions and I believe he has a good heart. He is a faith-based conservative. He is also a principled thinking man and is mindful of the excellent constituent service Jack Kingston is known for, and Bob intends to follow in Jack’s footsteps.

5) Dr. Bob is feisty and independent. He will not be a pushover and vote the party line. That said, he is also willing to listen and knows Republicans have some fence-mending to undertake.

6) Bob is married to a lovely Asian-American, who also is a practicing physician and they have two sons. One is currently at West Point, and their daughter just received early acceptance to Harvard (her mother’s school) and has also been chosen for the esteemed Honors Program at UGA.

7) Finally, Bob owns a farm, appreciates the need to preserve nature in a rational way and is devout when it comes to matching federal income and spending.

So “Dr. Bob” gets my vote and I hope those who respect my views will consider what I have said about this uniquely qualified man and candidate for the House of Representatives’ 1st District.

Dick Berkowitz