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Noise from race track is intolerable
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Dear Editor,

We have lived in south Effingham since 1978 and have seen a lot of changes in our community, especially in the last decade. The mass influx of home development in south Effingham and nearby west Chatham will no doubt lead to more dramatic changes in the next decade. They say change is indeed inevitable, and that we can only attempt to control and direct it in positive ways.

Many south Effingham residents are very aware of the race track in our midst, since we hear it nearly every day. Even though it has operated here for many, many years — there has been a marked increase in the frequency and noise level in the past 10-15 years, which we believe is more than reasonably tolerable. It is time for us to exercise our right as tax paying residents to request some controls and compromises from a business whose rich clients come in from other states and communities to affect our quality of life with their “fun hobby.” After all, what does the race track contribute positively to our community?

As we are forced into constant awareness of the track, we’ve thought of a few suggestions for possible “compromises”—

Limit racing to weekdays, so we could have race/noise-free weekends when most families are home.

Put limits on the noise level to eliminate the most offensive vehicles.

Limit the amount of days this noise level can be exceeded, and notify the neighborhood residents (by group email?) so we can plan to be “away.”

Maybe it is time to consider a “nuisance tax”—what does this track pay in taxes compared to the surrounding residential community?

(A reality check — anyone of the above would be a step in the right direction.)

These are compromises. After all, we have been asked for years to compromise our peace and quiet — isn’t it time they were asked to compromise something, and be forced to accept they do not exist in a vacuum with no responsibility for their actions?

We have a new county commissioner in south Effingham, Bob Brantley. Please call him and let him know how you feel (the commissioner’s office number is 754-2123). We are certain that this is an issue for area realtors as well. If you feel the same as we do, please consider leaving your name with the commissioner’s office so we can form a group to bring about positive change for a peaceful south Effingham.

Claudia Collier