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Telling both sides to the story
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Dear Editor,

I attended the meeting of the Board of Education on June 18 for the public hearing of the reasons for the school district to keep the current millage rate rather than to roll the millage back to accommodate the increase in valuation due to reappraisal.  

It seems your coverage was kind of one-sided. I didn't see any of the comments by the public that were definitely anti higher millage rates even though they did make several very good points. I also noticed that you didn't feel it was important to tell your readers that the school board with their increased teacher incentive pay (going from $750 to $1,750) will cost your taxpaying readers in excess of $1 million dollars a year for the rest of their lives.

Really there are two sides to this story and I for one feel that the opinions of both sides should be presented if we are to call the newspaper articles news.

Jerry D. McAtee
Sr. Master Sgt., U.S. Air Force (Ret.)