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More from the session
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• HB 910 - Makes an annual Gender Equity report from DOE optional
• HB 923 - Restricts a teacher who has received a leadership advanced degree from being paid based on that degree by the salary schedule unless the teacher is actually in a leadership position. Grandfathers in those in the pipeline through 2014.
• HB 936 - Allows local school systems to use state funds to refurbish school buses instead of being limited to spending the funds on new buses only.
• HB 977 - Prohibits local school systems from increasing superintendents’ or administrators’ salaries if teachers and other employees have been furloughed.
• HB 1079 - Allows educators to use credit or debit cards to pay certification application fees. Also creates a “Clearance Certificate.” This certificate verifies that the educator has completed fingerprinting and criminal background check and that the individual does not have a suspended or revoked certificate. A “clearance certificate” will be mandatory after Jan.1, 2011.
• HB 1086 - Amends current law to add email addresses to the list of private information that cannot be released on teachers and school employees.
• HB 1103 - Requires local systems to file an annual detailed school report with the state DOE on numbers of students disciplined for bringing a weapon to school. The report can be included in the annual disciplinary report.
• HB 1200 -Allows local school boards to solicit and accept donations and contributions from any source to assist with funding field trips or other purposes.
• HB 1307 - Temporarily suspends professional learning requirements for certificate renewal for certified school personnel and paraprofessionals sun setting in 2015.
• HB 651 - Requires state Board of Education to provide each school statewide access to a list of all registered sex offenders.
• HB 907 - Changes requirements for middle schools to allow different configurations of middle school grades.  Deletes five hour remedial instruction requirements and changes some qualifications for the Special Needs Scholarship.  
• HB 908 - Allows local school boards to waive expenditure controls for direct instructional costs (presently at 90 percent) that must be spent on instruction. Allows system wide class averaging for class limit requirements. State Board has now issued a blanket waiver. Sunsets July 1, 2013.  

• HB 540 - Election law changes qualifications of residency for poll officers.  Requires certification requirements for chief registrars and absentee ballot clerks to be completed by the end of 2011. Changes the method for casting a challenged vote. Allows an absentee ballot to be cast immediately upon receipt.  Includes various election law updates.
• HB 665 - Requires Secretary of State (SOS) to initiate a pilot program for electronic transmission of absentee ballots by military and overseas citizens. Dependent upon appropriations and certification by SOS.
• HB 1073 - Allows eligible overseas voters to register to vote by a write-in absentee ballot provided by the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act. Also they may make application for an official ballot by electronic transmission.
• SB 17 - Increases civil penalties for violations of ethics laws and allows for the award of attorney’s fees for frivolous suits. Changes financial disclosure statements and when filed. Increases late fees and defines abuse of official power, improper conduct and sexual harassment. Increases lobbyists’ registration fees, increases frequency of reports and increases late fees.
• HB 493 - Allows Youth Conservation Corps to assist in home weatherization programs that reduce energy consumption utilizing federal funds administered by the Environmental Facilities Authority and the Department of Labor.  

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