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Tapping into the unknown
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Always one for passing along interesting info when I come across it, I thought I ought to share another tidbit for your delight.

Let me preface my tidbit with a little background.

I’ve taken some major whoopsie-daisies over the last couple of years, you know, banana-peel type slips and falls right on the ol’ tush. A couple of months ago, I tripped over a little lip of concrete and crashed down on all fours, which knocked the wind right out of me. The sound that emanated was like someone pushing on an airbed, forcing out the air. I felt very lucky to not have landed on my face, and came away with a couple of bruised knees. I could only imagine what that fall had done to my spine.

As it happens, the result of these major pratfalls has been some wickedly painful days of sciatic nerve problems, difficulty walking or standing and just plain misery some days. Not one to complain too much or too loudly because I’ve got it good or better than a lot of people, I tried to find ways to combat these problems without the cost of going to a doctor or physical therapy. That gets expensive very quickly.

Somewhere along the way, I happened to come across some information that I am now going to share with you. I don’t remember how it happened or where I first found it, but there is a technique that can relieve almost any pain you have, physical or emotional.

It’s called “Tapping.”

Some of you may know about tapping, a lot of folks do not. Some folks won’t discuss it because it seems so “out there,” or bizarre, but I’ll finish up my story here and tell you why I think its pretty danged cool.

Lately I’ve been sleeping on a pillow top mattress that must just be too soft for my overly bodacious body.

Sleeping on this mattress has exacerbated my problem tenfold.

I felt OK once I laid down and went to sleep, but getting up and walking anywhere around my house was almost indescribable in the pain shooting from my lower back to my hips and the backs of my legs.

I would have to spread eagle and kinda squat just to stand at the sink.

I tried stretching. I tried Pilates. I tried just about anything I could think of to unkink these hips and this back of mine.

Getting dressed was almost an exercise in futility.

I happened to get to the point where I couldn’t take it any longer.

I went to my bed, which I have since switched out for an air mattress, propped my legs up under a rolled up blanket and a pillow and started tapping.

I tapped, focusing on the pain in my hips and lower back, repeating the phrase intended, and did several rounds. I think I tapped for 15 solid minutes.

I laid there after my session and just took a deep breath.

I rolled off the mattress and walked toward the bathroom.

No pain.

I walked down the hallway toward the kitchen, feeling completely different than just the 20 minutes beforehand.

I wanted to pirouette, but didn’t dare take advantage of the sudden relief.

Because I sit at the computer a good part of my day, I know my posture is probably not optimal and the chair I sit in is not ergonomically correct.

However, I am here to tell you in all honesty, that I haven’t felt this much relief in about three years.

I’ve had good days and bad, but the last week has been particularly miserable.

I decided that it was time to quit watching the tapping videos and just do it. So I did. I will probably do another session this afternoon and will keep doing sessions until my pain is gone, or least diminished to the point of not being quite so noticeable.

If you want to learn more about the tapping technique, go to

You can also go to YouTube and look up various tapping techniques. My favorite on YouTube is MagnusTapping. He explains it all very simply and shows how it is done. EmoFree will explain all about the technique and how its used, who uses it (lots of people!) and how well it works.

Is it simply amazing? I can honestly say that yes, it is.

I would appreciate some feedback if anyone else out there wants to give it a try.

Good luck, and good tapping.