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Effingham students earn deans list honors at Georgia Southern
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STATESBORO—Georgia Southern University recently recognized nearly 2,600 students for excellence in academics on the 2016 spring semester dean’s list.

To be eligible for the dean’s list, a student must have at least a 3.5 grade point average and carry a minimum of 12 hours for the semester.

Jakayvea Akins of Guyton
Trevor Baeten of Rincon
Calvin Baker of Clyo
Kyndell Bevis of Rincon
Michele Bleam of Rincon
Kayla Bridges of Rincon
Carrie Briscoe of Bloomingdale
Erin Burke of Guyton
Debora Cipleu of Rincon
Kayla Collins of Rincon
Cayrn Collins of Rincon
Noah Collins of Guyton
Johnathan Collins of Guyton
Caroline Coon of Rincon
Jackson Corbin of Springfield
Danielle Criswell of Clyo
Brooke Davis of Guyton
Brandon Deal of Bloomingdale
Matthew Dudley of Guyton
Eric Dukarski of Rincon
Devin Eddy of Rincon
Ty Engebretson of Rincon
Mary Fears of Springfield
Jason Floyd of Guyton
Daniel Fowler of Rincon
Aaron Frederick of Springfield
Sarabeth Gaskin of Guyton
Joshua Gaspard of Rincon
Lonny Gleaton of Springfield
Jesse Graham of Newington
Ashley Halter of Rincon
Jessica Hartzog of Rincon
Wesley Hencely of Rincon
Haley Hill of Guyton
Elizabeth Huggins of Rincon
Anderson Hughes of Meldrim
Alexandra Hulsey of Rincon
Jordan Jackson of Guyton
Ashley Joseph of Rincon
Lindsey Kerby of Bloomingdale
Lauren Klauss of Guyton
Ariel Klauss of Guyton
Katie Kussow of Rincon
Matthew Lammers of Bloomingdale
Michael Malmberg of Rincon
Raychel Martin of Guyton
Heather McNamee of Guyton
Robert Miller of Newington
Cody Morgan of Rincon
Thomas Neffendorf of Rincon
Kandice Nelson of Guyton
Tyson Neurath of Rincon
Jacob Odom of Guyton
Gage Orndorff of Guyton
Charles Patterson of Rincon
Ashlyn Pelote of Springfield
Michelle Pratt of Rincon
Devan Pride of Guyton
Holly Puckett of Rincon
Jonathan Savarese of Rincon
Megan Schroeder of Rincon
Joshua Summitt of Rincon
Jonathan Templeton of Guyton‘
Andrew Thompson of Rincon
Daven Todd of Rincon
Luke Usher of Springfield
Colin Van Antwerp of Rincon
Brian Waters of Guyton
Joshua Weibel of Rincon
Rachel Williams of Rincon
Victoria Wilson of Guyton
Emily Woodall of Rincon
Taylor Yarbrough of Guyton
Morgan Zipperer of Springfield

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