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Sand Hill student invited to appear on the Ellen Degeneres Show
04.19 Onion Box
Fox Burnsed with his Tear Free Onion Box. Burnsed received honorable mention for his invention at the Effingham County Invention Convention. - photo by Photo submitted

Sand Hill Elementary’s Fox Burnsed is only 7 years old, but he’s on his way to Hollywood.

A member of Jill Usher’s first grade class and the gifted and talented program, Burnsed earned the attention of “The Ellen Degeneres Show” with the invention that he entered in the Effingham County Invention Convention. His “Tear-free Onion Box” won Honorable Mention in the county contest but will be featured on the TV show along with two other student inventions from other states.

The clear acrylic box has a lid that opens so the onion and a knife can be placed inside. The person cutting the onion then inserts their hands into gloves that are attached to holes in the side of the box. Once the person has inserted their gloved hands into the box, he or she can peel and cut the onion without worrying about the annoying fumes that bring tears to the eyes.

According to Kristie Long, a teacher at Springfield Elementary and this year’s Invention Convention coordinator, a researcher for The Ellen Show came across the Springfield Elementary Web site and the announcement about the Invention Convention and someone then contacted Long. The producers of the show invited all the students who entered an invention in the Effingham County contest to submit a three to five minute video of themselves explaining their invention.

Leah Burnsed, Fox’s mother, said that Fox almost didn’t send in a video but decided to at the last minute, which is why they were so surprised when the spokesperson for The Ellen Show called them.

“They liked Fox’s invention and his video,” she explained. “At first, he didn’t want to be on the show, but he has warmed up to the idea now.”

Fox will fly to California, with his parents James and Leah Burnsed, on April 30 and film the segment in front of a live audience on May 1. The show will air the next day on May 2. Unfortunately, the show does not air on any of Savannah’s local channels

“I’ve always known that he is a smart little boy and very creative,” said Mrs. Burnsed. “I just hope he doesn’t freeze up when its his turn to talk.”