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Schools to hold flu vaccine clinics
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For the second consecutive year, the Effingham County Board of Education and the Effingham County Health Department are partnering to bring flu vaccine to students in grades Pre-k through 12. The CDC has requested school vaccine clinics at each school for students in order to increase participation and protection.  
Parental permission forms for student vaccine, as well as a cover letter from Dr. Skelton, medical director of Chatham-Effingham County Health Departments, are being sent home with students. Permission forms are due back to the school nurse by Oct. 20. Flu clinics will begin the first week of November. 
The flu vaccine this year is a combination vaccine that protects against three different viruses including H1N1 and is available in nasal mist as well as shot. The CDC recommends flu vaccine for everyone age 6 months and over, with particularly high risk groups including, pregnant women, the very young and the elderly, as well as anyone with a chronic health condition.  
Children under 8 years of age may need a second dose.