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Hospital trustees enroll in certification program from GHA
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The Effingham Hospital Board of Trustees will be taking part in a unique course of study designed to elevate hospital authority standards to higher levels of board excellence.

This substantive program is currently being offered to hospital boards throughout Georgia. The Georgia Hospital Association has designed the trustee certification program to enable Georgia's hospitals to utilize governance best practices, to promote the coordination of care, the best use of resources and to demonstrate to their community, lawmakers, regulators, physicians, employees, business and other community stakeholders that Georgia hospitals: Understand and embrace the need for governance accountability; govern according to a standard of excellence; are willing to formally certify their adherence to governance best practices; are committed to care management and coordination of resources; embrace community accountability and transparency; structure their community benefit and outreach programs to meet identified community needs; utilize data from the GHA State of Health Data Report to identify and address areas of need especially for the uninsured and under-insured; utilize performance data to identify opportunities for improvement and to monitor progress to improve quality and safety; and integrate local health efforts with state programs.

This GHA certified program and curriculum will be offered as live audio TELNET Webinars at no cost to GHA member hospitals and their board members. The program and curriculum will inform Effingham Hospital Board of Trustees of many topics including the roles and responsibilities of hospital boards, hospital board structure, hospital board’s role and responsibility to the community, hospital board’s role and responsibility to quality and safety, trustee/physician/administrative relations, building an exceptional board, effective practices for health care governance, recommendations from the Blue Ribbon Panel, bio-terrorism/pandemic flu/emergency preparedness, ethics, information and technology, emerging trends in health care and their impact on governance, Health care 2017 — Quality through Value: Health economics and care delivery in the decade ahead. This comprehensive course in the efficiency and methodology of hospital authority management will undoubtedly promote a greater awareness in the hospital's leadership.

The benefits of certification can be significant to the hospital’s community and the public it serves.

Hospital boards may benefit by having consistent standards, and an ability to communicate compliance with those standards to build reputation, confidence and loyalty, and be better prepared to address the health care needs of special populations, such as the uninsured, under-insured and chronic disease.

The education requirements of the certification program will assist hospital trustees to have a better understanding of expectations for individual and overall governing leadership excellence and have a structure for improving their individual knowledge and leadership potential.