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Effingham County Sheriff's Office reports
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June 19

Civil matter

A Springfield man told deputies his van was damaged at a Rincon car wash. The complainant spoke to the business’ on-duty manager and filled out property damage report and also requested an information report with the ECSO.


June 19

Terroristic threats and acts

Deputies were called to a Springfield home where a woman said another female, whose last name she did not know, was calling her and leaving her messages that if her husband called her “cleft-lip” again she would “shoot (the victim’s) house up.” The suspect also told the complainant “they could go to the sheriff’s office and (she) would whip her (expletive) in the parking lot and then (the victim) could go inside and make a report.”

The complainant was advised to keep the voice recordings and obtain warrants through the magistrate court. She also was told how to pursue protective orders.


June 19

Battery-family violence

Deputies were dispatched to a Rincon home on a domestic dispute that turned physical. The man was standing in the front yard with a bandage on his left forearm, the result from an earlier dialysis treatment. When deputies found the woman of the house, she was crying and very upset. She also had a knot on her forehead above her right eye.

She told deputies she had been visiting family and got home to find out her daughter had removed some items from the house. Her husband told her he didn’t know anything about the daughter taking items when she came to drop off her child. The woman said she was talking to her grandson and noticed all of his awards and medals missing from his bookshelf. She spoke to her husband, who was in an adjoining room, but he got up and started screaming at her, eventually hitting her with his elbow and shoving her out of the way. She hit her head on the back of door frame but did not want to call EMS.

Deputies spoke with the boy, who said he was sitting on his bed watching television and talking to his grandmother, when he heard his grandfather yelling at his grandmother. He said he saw his grandfather hit his grandmother in the head and said his grandmother did not enter the room where his grandfather was.

The man said his wife came into his room, arguing with him over what had been taken from the house and would not leave him alone. When asked how she got the knot on her head, he said he shoved her out of the way. He said he didn’t remember hitting her with his elbow but it might have been an accident. A deputy told him, “You don’t accidentally elbow someone in the head where it causes a large knot like (his wife) has.”


June 19

Civil matter

Deputies went to a convenience store in Port Wentworth where a man told them about possible damage to his property. He had dropped off his vehicle earlier that day for an oil change at a Rincon area business. He picked up his vehicle and began to run errands but his vehicle began to malfunction. He heard a tapping noise coming from the engine, so he shut the vehicle off. It would not restart and it turned out there was no oil in the vehicle.


June 20

Pedestrian under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Deputies were called on a report of a man with no shirt crawling out of a ditch and onto a road. A deputy saw a man with no shirt walking toward his car and then falling to the ground. The deputy checked on the subject, who was breathing but not responding. The deputy also smelled a strong odor of alcohol coming from the man.

The man eventually rolled over and complained about his leg hurting. He continued to try to drag himself down the road while complaining about his leg, and the deputy tried to stop him so he wouldn’t further hurt himself.

The man did not know where he was or what time it was. He also did not know at first who he was with but later said he met up with an old Marine buddy and went to a party. He said he left the party because people there were wanting to fight.  The man said his sister could come to get him, but when deputies got in touch with her, she said she lived on the other side of Hinesville, more than an hour away, and had no way to get there.

He was placed in handcuffs but immediately became unruly, yelling and using profanity. Once he was placed in the back of the patrol car, the subject turned over on his side and started kicking the window with his left leg and foot, the same leg he said was hurting. He was told to stop but continued to curse and used profanity throughout the ride to the jail, while also hitting his head against the partition glass.


June 21

Damage to property

A Springfield man said his mailbox had been damaged. The deputy saw a tire track that indicated a vehicle failed to maintain its lane and drifted off the shoulder into the mailbox. The passenger’s side mirror and a vehicle logo were recovered.


June 21

Reckless conduct

Deputies went to a Springfield home on a report of someone shooting holes in the walls. The complainant said when he got home with his family, there were several holes in the walls. He found a .45-caliber bullet in his child’s crib. His wife spoke with neighbors, who told her they heard what sounded like gunshots but could not pinpoint the origin.


June 21

Animal complaint

A deputy was called out for an aggressive pit bull but found no sign of the dog. He called the complainant, who said he and his daughter were riding bikes and the dog started nipping at the tires. He also said this was the third complaint he’s made. The deputy found the owner, who said her dog ran off because it was in heat. The pit bull returned and was growling and snarling at the officer. The owner grabbed the animal and placed it in a crate. The owner was advised not to let the animal out without being on a leash.


June 21

Wanted person-warrant service

Deputies were informed about a person wanted on a warrant who was near the Steel Bridge area. Dispatch then received a call about a person matching that description was unruly at a Guyton store. Deputies were then informed the subject was headed back to Steel Bridge driving a vehicle that did not have insurance and had a suspended registration. A state trooper monitoring the ECSO dispatch channel stopped the vehicle near Steel Bridge.

Upon arrival, the deputy found the suspect had a suspended license. She also displayed habits of illicit drug use. She was unable to stand still, could not focus on simple questions, had rapid speech and gave improper responses to questions. She was placed in handcuffs and then into the back of a patrol car. She soon started tapping on the window, having slipped the cuffs off one of her hands. Her handcuffs were re-secured, but she slipped out of the cuffs a second time.